What would YOU like to see in the new series of Doctor Who?

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Troy Baker - Posted on 13 April 2011

On April 12th, Den of Geek posted a story (written by Robbie Boland) about the 10 things that they would like to see in 'Doctor Who'

The first thing on the list was "Less Earth" - you know fewer stories set on Earth and more other-world stories. It's a big universe out there, why spend all your time on Earth.

2nd on the list was "More TARDIS" - we have this wonderful machine that's bigger on the inside than the outside yet all we see is the control room - there's got to be more to the TARDIS than that.

3rd on the list is 'Less Sonic Screwdriver' - it is starting to become a crutch and is used to get past anything. In the past it wasn't used all the time and when stories relied on it too much John Nathan Turner got rid of it. It made the Doctor more resourceful  as he found other ways to solve whatever problem he had without it.

The next item on the list is "More New Villains (and please, no Daleks)" - seems reasonable, After all the show is capable of traversing time and space so there are bound to be more villains that we haven't met yet.

At the halfway point on the list is this - "Up the Fear Factor" I'll leave that for you to decide what that means because 'fear' is a subjective thing - what scares me might not scare you.

6th on the list is "Doctor Development" - the Doctor should grow as a character  and the growth doesn't have to be in a positive way (Time Lord Victorious for example). Don't leave this Beloved Character as a one-dimensional persona.

Next we have - "More Mythology". Not ancient mythology but Doctor mythology. We can use this to learn more about the Doctor's home and more of the dark hidden secrets of Time Lord Mythology and integrate them into the story-lines. In state of Decay we had a decree from Rassilon that the Vampires must be fought and we also had a brief recap of the story behind the Time Lord / Vampire war. Things like this would add more flavor to the story.

8th on the list is - "Bring Back Jack". I'm on the fence with this one. I think I prefer for Jack to stay alone for now and we'll be seeing him soon anyway in the new season of 'Torchwood'.

Next we have "Please Don't Kill Amy and Rory. Please."  I have no feelings one way or another on this because I don't know how it's going to play out on the screen, it may be a device to build up character development. We'll just have to wait and see.

...and rounding out the ten things on the list  is - "A Nemesis". Well, O.K., Homes had Moriarty, Lupin the III had Zenegata (for you anime fans), in the past we've had the Master to pit against the Doctor but things like that have a tendency to be overused look at how quickly we got tired of the Master when he first appeared.  Besides the description of a nemesis they have, isn't what I would call a nemesis


Well that's the ten things on their list. What would you like to see on the list - or off the list?


For the entire article you can read it here:

Den of Geek - 10 things we want to see in the new season of Doctor Who


One thing I would add to the list is an alien companion. Almost every companion that has traveled with the Doctor has been from Earth (from one time period or another) We've only seen a few companions that were not from Earth (Susan (Gallifrey), Romana (Gallifrey), Adric (Alzarius), Nyssa (Traken), Kamelion (Xeriphas), and I also include Turlough (Trion) even though has was found on Earth.) I think a lttle more diversity on a universal scale would be appropriate.

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some non-tech episodes

visiting old companions to solve situation

have a fan input episode

have a cross over event

have a tardis centric story where the whole thing is from the tardis point of view

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