Primeval being axed?

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daveac - Posted on 15 June 2009


On a number of sites there is 'news' that Primeval has been axed - often the story has a '?' at the end.

Anybody read anything that 'states' it as a fact? Or is it perhaps being put on hold until any movie deal is sorted?

Cheers, daveac

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This is from the BBC News site: Primeval axed after three series

Primeval axed after three series

Primeval cast members
Primeval was shown on ITV1 on Saturday teatimes

Science fiction drama series Primeval has been axed after "three very successful series", ITV has confirmed.

Starring Ben Miller, Douglas Henshall, and ex-S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt, the show followed a group of scientists studying prehistoric creatures.

"High quality drama remains a key part of the ITV schedule, although our current focus is on post-watershed production," ITV said in a statement.

The show had an average audiences of about five million this year.

The figure was down from around six million for the first two series.

Earlier this year, ITV announced 600 job cuts and says it is now aiming to cut a further £40m in 2010.

Primeval may have suffered because of the big-budget computer effects needed to generate its fantastical creatures.

Website Total Sci-Fi said it had been told by a source that Primeval's production team were "devastated" but that they had "every intention of keeping Primeval alive in other ways".

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Yes it's true.  Beeb news announcemnet and all.  Have forwarded a tweet of mine to ye Louis to get petitions signed to get it back/fire Grade/get it sold to someone who will care for it.  I think it deserves another chance (prefferably with Lucy Brown).  Thoughts?

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Do you really reckon Michael Grade was behind this? If so that just goes to prove everything.

"You're the one who's foreign I'm Scottish" (Jamie McCrimmon "Evil of the Daleks")

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Wheather he is behind it or not, he makes a very convient target.  But if ye want to know more....   Follow me on twitter------>

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Although I think Primeval has faults - it really is a developing into a really good Sci-Fi Show - so I've added my name to the petition.

Cheers, daveac

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It's sad but it proves now that only the BBC are intrested in making decent British drama.  What has happened to those one-off drama seasons that ITV used to run?  I also would like to see what budget ITV are working with - this series of Primeval was a co-production with a German TV company.

I've read somewhere that the creators had a few overseas investors lined up for series 4 but ITV still didn't want it.  I hope they don't leave the show the way it ended.  This new hollywood movie will be a utter disaster, I know it.

There's rumours going around that Impossible Pictures may sell it to another channel.  Sky seem the most likely to pick it up, along with the SCI-FI channel (the UK one that actually shows SCI-Fi and not wrestling!) but I don't think they've done an orginal series in years.  Primeval is distrubted by BBC Worldwide, so maybe...

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I don't believe online petitions will do much, if anything at all when it comes to television programming today (and for that matter, many other things for the most part). My suggestion would be to put your efforts into direct emails or better yet snail mail.

Online petitions won't hurt of course, but that alone I doubt will do much if it is not backed up by other methods of getting your voices heard. Sign away, but be sure to send an email, make a telephone call, or write a letter to the powers that be as well.




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I think anyone sending any e-mails/letters should forward them to Impossible Pictures.  The only good piece of fortune with all of this is that ITV don't own Primeval, so it could be sold to another channel.

Personally I think we'll see a US TV/Film version rather than more of the UK series.  Which is a shame because there's still more of the story to tell from its currrent incarnation.

Anyway, here's the link to the relevant addresses for Impossible Pictures, (click on the 'contact' tab).

EDIT: Grade is already leaving his post at the end of the year.  I can't really see him getting rid of one of ITV's most successful shows out of spite.  Oh wait...1989...

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Is this true? Personally, while I hate to see it end the way it did and the last three episodes were pretty good, I don't feel all that bad. I didn't like the characters they used to replace three major characters and the main villianess, who seemed to have some secret motives, just feels like offing the human race because ...well, they're mean to everyone else? WTF? I love the first season, feel so so about the second, and feel the third was variable. Still I'd like to see it go on, it certainly has some beter stories than DW does rcently.  

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>> I love the first season, feel so so about the second, and feel the third was variable.

I agree with Chase there. But I think it deserves another chance, and boy is my wife gonna be pissed when she hears this- she loves that show!      ~Dred














I also don't think, regardless of quality it has, it has the ratings high that DW has/had, nor did it ever get anywhere near as close to DW ratings, not that I care about ratings but the network execs do. Personally I love the first season because it has that old time sci fi feel to it: you know scientists are the ones in the know about ancient giant monsters stalking Earth in the present day, ala dozens of 1950s monster movies and does so without being boring and also using the time portals to interesting effect. It also had some good character interplay and I like Connor being more Connor like in that season and also the journey the chracters take as they first encounter thse giant monsters and the like...later on they were more used to it all. And again the main three characters that left or got killed off....I missed them. The new ones aren't terrible but just not them. I also thought that Saber Tooth tiger effect in season two was way too cartoon like and terrible. It could have been so much more scary and well done if the effect...and yeah, this is one time the effects DO MATTER...needed to be better to make that work at all.  Still I hoipe they tie things  up for the guy that's lost in the past...and I'm sure that COnnor and the girl from S CLUB will find his lost device and track him and save him. Or then agian maybe the entire show will be left in limbo... 

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I didnt know about this - and (even including it's faults), I thoroughly enjoyed Primeval. That said; I've still not seen the conclusion to series 3.

I remember Mad4plaid once described Primeval as a guilty pleasure. Whilst I absolutely know what she meant, I thought it didnt do a lot of the individual episodes true justice.  

Given the fact they killed off the central figure in the last series (and replaced him with Jason Flemying no less), I'm even more surprised.

That's very sad news.


Nothing Dies Of Old Age On Skaro!
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I think that the question mark in the Primeval has been cancelled headlines comes from the fact that ITV are not commissioning a new series, however since they don't own the show and it has been relatively successful, there is a chance another channel may pick it up. SKY? BBC?

I am watching it on America, so still have a few episodes of Season 3 to watch. I would say that it is successful in certain ways (e.g. my wife watches it religiously, and she HATES Doctor Who and Torchwood) in a similar manner that she loved Voyager but hated everything else Star Trek.

My comment would be for the third season, is that to many of the original cast have dissappeared to quickly (in unrelated incidents) and I am losing my vestment in the team. No Steven, No Nick, No Claudia/Jenny. The only thing that makes me tune in is some resolution about whatever Helen is up to. Unfortunately I think that this will be as illusive as the underlying alien conspiracy in the X-files. 

In 2011 but at least it's something!  Two new series have been comissioned and its great news for British Sci-Fi in general.  Thank-you to ITV, UKTV, BBC Worldwide and (I never thought i'll say this) the Germans!  I just hope the campaign by the fans helped in some way!

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