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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 16 March 2011

Fourth Doctor

Late last night Big Finish felt confident enough to announce that Tom Baker would be following Colin Baker into Big Finish Audio, as the Doctor. For months it has been a sort of conformation, with Big Finish it's self and more appropriately Nick Briggs himself not wanting to say anything, as dealing in the past had only been a source of spot by Tom.

The details are as follows, "Tom Baker will be playing the Fourth Doctor in a number of audio adventures for Big Finish, to be released from the beginning of 2012. Storylines and scripts are already at an advanced stage, and we plan to start recording early in the summer."

And further explained thus, "The first season of six single-disc releases will begin in January 2012, with a second season of seven single-disc releases to follow at a date to be confirmed. There will also be a five-disc box set entitled Doctor Who: The Lost Stories – The Fourth Doctor Box Set... The producers across the Fourth Doctor adventures are Nicholas Briggs and David Richardson." Full details are available in the following link.

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I like the fact that Tom Baker is going to do some Big Finish audios and the article shows that he will be paired up with...

WHITE TEXT (click and drag to view)

Mary Tamm and Louise Jameson

__________________________________________________ several stories but I am disappointed to see that it is a 'Lost Stories' box set and not a regular series, however it is a five-disc set.

I hope to see more coming from Tom Baker in the Big finish series later. Maybe this will be a big enough introduction to Big Finish for Tom Baker, and hopefully he'll like it enough to come back and do more stories - hopefully with other companions.


BTW: Tom Baker confirms the fact that he will be doing several adventures for Big Finish - at least that what he says in his forums page on his website.

Here's a link:

Tom Baker - Forums: Tom, will you consider...

Tom's response was posted on the 14th.


EDIT: I should have looked at the article more closely, I re-read the article and discovered that I had misread the story and I see that there are far more than I thought.

I've got to quit trying to read without my glasses.Foot in mouth

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