A New Twist to Our Meet Up: The Post Gallifrey One Party [Video]

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 13 March 2011

Keeping with the theme of Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery, our Post Gallifrey One Party which was our Doctor Who: Podshock and Gallifreyan Embassy seasonal meet up and party on Second Life taking place the following Sunday (27 February 2011) after Gallifrey One had a tiki feel to it. Victor Mornington @vic1st and his fellow owners of the land of Katrina (The Doctor Who Experience, which has recently changed its name the Doctor Who: Exposition) out did themselves once again flooding the area, making it a huge pool of water complete with inflatables to cruise on for the stage area of our party. The stage and dance floor were on a giant deck.

Traditionally our meet ups start with TARDIS tours across various Doctor Who themed areas of Second Life led by Victor. This time we did things a bit different. Instead we had a Podshock TARIDS Mod Exposition taking place in that time period. I had the pleasure and honour of being one of the judges for it along with our own DWP Correspondent Ian Bisset @The6thDoctor and the owner of Hands of Omega (one of the leading TARDIS simulator providers in Second Life), Sen Pixie. Together we explored various TARDIS console mods along with the rest of their interior and chose the best within three categories.

The video above by "Auxifurr" on YouTube provides a tour of some of the TARDIS console rooms we were judging, along with some video of the party that followed.

Attendees were free to explore these TARDISes in lieu of the TARDIS tours. As a judge, I saw them all and I have to tell you they were all great and it was very difficult picking the best of each category.

I was not able to attend the Aftershock party this time around that follows the main Podshock party. It took place later that evening.

Edward Pearce once again was the master of the DJ booth (not "The Master") spinning tunes we all enjoyed. The turn out was good. Lewis Bailey of The Happiness Patrol podcast was in attendence once again. It's always fun to have him at our parties both in first life and Second Life. Doctor Who: Podshock Correspondents Dave Cooper @daveac and Graeme Sheridan @The2ndDoctor were both on hand as well. It wouldn't be Doctor Who: Podshock SL meet up and party without Terry Lightfoot @terrylightfoot of The Dirty WHOers podcast and this was no exception. Plus so many of others came by. Thank you all for making it another successful and fun event.

I did some recording for Doctor Who: Podshock again at the meet up. So you may be hearing a little of party in a future episode. We also shared some of our memories of Nicholas Courtney at the event as he had passed away just days before it.

Our next meet up and party is scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2011. Watch this site for further details. We hope to see you there. Remember, the event is free to attend, the software is free to use, and you are free to attend no matter where you are as long as you have broadband internet access.

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