Torchwood - Miracle Day (Series 4)

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Troy Baker - Posted on 07 January 2011

Digital Spy reports that the new series of 'Torchwood' ('Torchwood - The New World') will begin airing on July 1st. The article also reports that it will air in the UK and US on the same day.


For the story go here:

Digital Spy - BBC Confirms 'Torchwood' Airdate


However good this news is, I haven't been able to find confirmation on the BBC or 'Torchwood' website. The 'Torchwood' website still sports the 'Children of Earth' look so that hasn't been updated.

Den of Geek also reports the story on their website here:

Den of Geek - Torchwood: The New World start date and new casting news


Look here for further details as I get them.


EDIT: There have been many rumors about the air-date of the series and it's possible that the date of July 1st is false, but I reported what was given at the time and I include the sources I get the information from - if it is wrong I apologize for the error.

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Just to bring everybody up-to-date 'Torchwood:The New World' is the fourth series of 'Torchwood' and stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles. It will air in the UK on BBC and in the US it will air on the premium cable network Starz. Kai Owen will also return as Rhys Williams, and joining the cast will be Bill Pullman, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Arlene Tur, and Tom Price (returning to his role as PC Andy Davidson).

Information about the series is stetchy and we will probably get more as we get closer to the airdate of the series.


For all that wikipedia has you can go here:

Wikipedia - Tochwood: The New World


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Digital spy reports that the title for the new season has been changed from 'The New World" to "Miracle Day".

The story can be found (with other details) at the digital spy website :

BBC Reveals new 'Torchwood' details


The Den of geek reports asimilar story on their website here:

Brand New Details of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'


Filming has already begun for the series.

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"Six Feet Under''s Lauren Ambrose has joined the show for seven of the ten episodes of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'. Her character is reported to be a "PR guru" named Jilly Kitzinger.


The full story can be found here on Digital Spy's website:

'Six Feet Under' Star Joins 'Torchwood'




The website Den of Geek reports a similar story on their website. You can read it here:

Lauren Ambrose joins 'Torchwood: Miracle Day




For all that wikipedia has on Lauren Ambrose you can find her information on wikipedia here:

Wikipedia - Lauren Ambrose



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Since "Torchwood: Miracle Day" will be broadcast on Starz this year there is good news for those of you who have Dish Network satellite - to celebrate it's 30th year, in conjunction with Dish Network the Starz channels we be free for a whole year (until February of next year). If you have Starz you see the new series of Torchwood for free this summer.


Keep in mind I know this from the fact I have Dish Network and I am currently getting Starz for free, but if you are on a different system, this deal might not be happening.

Regardless, I can now see the series this summer when it comes out. Since it's still several months away it's not on the Starz schedule yet but when it is put there I'll be watching for it.


Of course this does not affect the viewers in the UK because when it airs there it will be on BBC.

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Digitakl Spy has two stories concerning casting for the new Torchwood Series.


From the first article we have listed Lena Kuar, Danny Szam, Daniel Adegboyega, and William Thomas.


For monre on THAT story you can go here:

Four more join 'Torchwood' cast 


...and in another article there are two more reported to be in the series Sharon Morgan and Ian Hughes.


for more on that story you can see it here:


Two more added to 'Torchwood' cast


This is too much to work on now so I'll just leave the story links up so you can check things out for yourself. I'll go deeper into the information later, but for now enjoy.  Wink

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In a story on Digital Spy Russell T. Davies discusses how he is thinking of leaving 'Torchwood' after this series is over.


He states in the article:

"It's interesting as to how long I can stay in the science fiction world," he said. "Personally I think I'm coming to the end of it now and I've saved the world and blown up the world too many times."


If this is true - who will take over the series or will 'Torchwood' flounder on the shelf like a forgotten toy? Only the future will answer that question.


For the full story you can read it here on Digital Spy's website:

Russell T. Davies 'may leave Torchwood'

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On the Den of Geek website there is a story concerning the addition of Wayne Knight to the cast of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'.

For the full story you can read it here:

Wayne Knight joins 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' - Den of Geek


Wayne Knight has been in many major movies (like 'JFK, Jurassic Park, Dead Again, and Space Jam, to name a few) His body also includes voice-over work fopr many animated series.


For a fuller idea of his work you can see his wikipedia page here:

Wayne Knight - Wikipedia

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The BBC press office has released when Torchwood Miacle Day will begin on BBC. The First episode will air on BBC the 14th - the Thursday after the US broadcast on STARZ.So it shakes out like this - Friday the 8th STARZ will air the first episode and the following Thursday, BBC will air the episode.

Here is a link to the BBC's press offices news release:

BBC Press Office - Torchwood: Miracle Day


BBC has also updated the Tochwood website you can link to it here:

BBC One - Torchwood


and here is the STARZ website for the show:

STARZ - Torchwood: Miracle Day


The series will consist of ten episodes and the titles are available. The titles are as follows (in white to avoid spoilers, to view click and drag to reveal the titles):

1. The New World

2. Renditions

3. Dead of Night

4. Escape to L.A.

5. The Categories of Life

6. The Middle Men

7. Immortal Sins

8. End of the Road

9. The Gathering

10. The Blood Line


These titles are from the Doctor Who News Page. They've had the titles since last month, I've just delayed posting them to avoid possible spoilers.

Here is a link to their story with the titles:

The Doctor Who News Page - Torchwood Miracle Day Titles



For those of you with STARZ, what did you think of the first story?  I'm glad that RTD is still involved because my concern is that it would be "Americanized" too much (like cultivating several romantic back stories between the characters...but I expect that is still coming).  Of course Gwen and her husband are about the only ones with an English accent. 

I don't want to give away too many spoilers but I thought it was a promising start.  Of course it may be difficult to end chase or fight scenes with the killing of the perp this season since no one dies anymore. 

So we'll have an overarching story all season about immortality and its impact on the human psyche mixed into the mystery behind why no one dies.  There have already been a few previews of what could happen to those that are badly injured. 

One was :10/10: amazing, visual, exciting, funny, interesting...things looked good for the show...


Two: 9/10: not bad at all but a few questions lingered but still not bad.


Three: 6/10: what? What was really going on? Lots of unanswered questions and characters acting...oddly...


Four: 0/10: TW u p to their old incompetence again: dangling plot holes, charaters who don't know what they are doing and getting themselves killed for no good reason, lots of silly behavior, etc. Insipid plotting and silly jumps of logic. Again. Awful.


And jack on the Trenchcoat and giving a serial killer part of the plan and the kill'er's reward: death. Okay that might work. No, it didn't. We're not given any reason to care about the code word and what it might do...or anything else really for the matter. Characters make the same mistakes again and again; does anyone have a good firm concept of undercover on this show?


How could the man that gave us such good stuff as Seasons one to four of DW and Queer as Folk UK give us...this?

Despite being a bit faulty, these last two episodes were better and interesting and more happened. I'd give them both a 7/10. Things seem to be moving forward and the characters seem to be bonding and seem to be making a difference. I say seem to be because this is TW and in TW things go sour fast and Jack acts like an AHole a lot and his plans fall apart a lot. But for now trhese last two eps are good.

Okay I liked the last episode shown (9) mostly because everyone was in it and they all seem so nice to each other unlike the past TW seasons: frankly couldn't stand Owen, thought Tosh was a bit too cowardly and insecure, Ianto was sort of blah but Rex and Ester now are sort of nice to each other and nice to see as they work at things. I also liked seeing Jack and Gwen and Rhys and the baby...even the villains had a part to play. Cant stand that Jillian girl though, what the heck?


BUT what the heck is going on? Two places cvonnected by what? What is happening? Jack's blood points the way but has no special properties? DOES anyone understand what is going on on this show?


If you do, plesae explain it to me and I Mean this sincerely.

Horrible. Talk talk talk, even during the "acxtion" scenes. Cliched, stilted, boring, predictable i spots and illogical in others. This is me done iwth TW forever. It's awful. RTD just cannot write any longer. This show sucked. Where to begin? It means what? A huge crack in the world that reachees to the other side? Stopped by Jack's blood? Rex immortal? the Villains doing what? What? What? Said over and over again? Gwen's fight with Jillian?


This show is the worst just under DW under Moffat. Terrible. I am done.

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I knew after episode 3 that this was going to be a tough investment of time - all in all, i'd give it a 5 out of 10.

I liked seeing Q back on TV, he was fantastic. 

There was alot of explanation in those last 10 minutes wasn't there?  At least RTD didn't cut to the 'bad-guys' checking their watches and scratching their heads or reading the paper while TW talked back and forth from the two sides of the Earth about what they were going to do.

PS - I found myself laughing alot, but not at the funny bits - moreso at several parts that were just, well - dumb, inane or plodding.....remember in Children of Earth when they escaped the government building driving on a construction vehicle?  Yeah, lots of improbable stuff like that here.

Too many ho-hum surprises at the end RTD - although the VERY last surprise was pretty good w/ Rex though.

Mr. Magister

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