Gallifreyan Embassy Website Regenerated

Administrator - Posted on 11 May 2009

Once again, the Gallifreyan Embassy website has regenerated. This is sort of the Jon Pertwee version of our site (give or take), as it is essentially our third incarnation of the website.

This new site is still being developed while our previous site remains operating and functioning as it had been since the last regeneration (2005). Eventually, we will migrate here as our default site while keeping the previous site as-is for archival purposes.

NOTE: If you have an existing account from our previous site, it will need to be re-created here.

While content is being moved to and being developed here on our website 3.0, please access our previous site for the past four years worth content.

The new site looks fantastic - well done!
It's a shame our old messages couldn't have been carried over but I understand why. I'm looking forward to this place being the hub of my personal Doctor Who community.
Cheers, Darren
(timefilght on the old site and @timeflight on twitter)

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks Darren (Timeflight). Although, we couldn't bring all the comments and forum postings from the previous (current) site to this new one, they are not going away either. We will try to link back to them whenever possible here. Also perhaps some of the articles which are not dated (relating to a certain date) can be recreated on the new site.

The real difficulity will come with search. The search function on the new site will only search the new site and the search function on the previous site will only search that site. Off hand one way around it may be to include a Google search box for the entire domain which should search both sites.

Thanks again for your feedback on the new site.


BrianWonky's picture

It looks smashing, folks. I think I'm going to enjoy my new Who home.

This has been another random act of nonsense. Get WONKy. Check out the Whovians of Northern Kentucky
Troy Baker's picture

Just like a new Doctor takes time to used to, it's gonna take me some time to get used to this - but I will!

Louis Trapani's picture

And just like a new Doctor, things may be a little awry at first, until we settle in. Sort of like new teeth.


Mr. Magister's picture

Louis / Ken / James - The website is awesome - it looks a little intimidating at first, but with any regeneration, the fun is in discovering the new features!  Thank you for your great efforts.


Mr. Magister

Soldeed's picture

Great job! One question...for how long will both sites be up and running for? With no obvious link from the old to the new both seem to be ongoing. If I want to post or upload something I'm left wondering if I should do it twice so that everone see's it.


This week the default site will be this one (the new one) (probably on Thursday, our anniversary day). While the previous site will still continue to run and will serve as an archive for the last four years (so all that content will not be lost, and all previous links to it created over the last four years will still continue to work), there will be no more new sign up registrations there (though if someone signs up here and would like to post comments to past content there, we can generate a registration for them upon request). Also there will be more obvious links to the site from there as well.


As I never new the old one this incarnation was my first so is my favorite. :-)

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