The Horrors of Job Hunting: with Kevin and Randy - A TV Pilot by Joe Corallo

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 09 December 2010

Daphne Ashbrook and Joe Corallo

If you are a long time listener of Doctor Who: Podshock, you may recall segments by Joe Corallo ( @JoeCorallo ) some years ago. He mostly reviewed audio dramas such as the Cybermen story, Spare Parts by Big Finish. You may have met him at our recent 25th Anniversary Event for the Gallifreyan Embassy last month (see photo to left of him with Daphne Ashbrook).

Joe's latest project is a television pilot. A comedy about the current state of affairs of the job market (or lack thereof now) titled, The Horrors of Job Hunting: with Kevin and Randy.

In the video below, Lori Fine introduces the project. (Note: If you are a long time Doctor Who fan who watched the series on WLIW way back when, you might find Lori to be a familiar face.). Joe is using KickStarter to help fund the project. If you can help out with a pledge, he will be very grateful (click the links back to KickStarter to learn more)

The Horrors of Job Hunting: with Kevin and Randy - TV Pilot by Joe Corallo — Kickstarter:

"This gothic horror comedy TV pilot concept is called The Horrors of Job Hunting: with Kevin and Randy. Its about two recent college graduates (Kevin and Randy) who are having a difficult time getting work. As they are losing hope, they stumble onto an old store front pawn shop and temp agency. This sketchy knickknack gallery is run by an Elvira type character who is able to secure them temporary employment. All of the jobs she offers even sound legitimate, but the catch is they all end up with Kevin and Randy encountering some form of ancient evil. Lucky for her, Kevin and Randy really need the money.

This is not only a commentary on the job market for recent college graduates, but also on how you never quite get the job you interview for. As someone who has had a few jobs with responsibilities that were somehow omitted from the interview, its something that has irked me enough to make it a funny point in this show and I'm sure many of you out there can relate. Some of the influences I've drawn from on this project include Abbott and Costello, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Buffy, Doctor Who, as well as the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Steven King, and H.P. Lovecraft.

In the pilot episode, 'In the Mall of Madness,' our heroes find themselves working overnight security at a mall, but the catch is the mannequins come to life at night and try to kill them. Hilarity ensues."



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Thanks so much Louis I really appreciate you mentioning this on here!  I've already received a generous pledge from a podshock follower since this has been up.  I hope everyone that reads this will look this up and consider pledging and spreading the word.  If anyone has any questions about the project don't hesitate to ask me.

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