Thanks for fixing the site Louis!

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BongMong - Posted on 05 December 2010

louis has just removed the horrid orange bar at the top of the web site which would decend like a shutter blocking out around 80% of the screen for IE8 & 9 users. So, I'm back! Yay! Thanks big man, you really are dedicated to Who at a level that seems unusual for a non-Brit (though not around these forums, where everyone seems a little British at heart). By the way, I'm loving The Walking Dead. A nice cross-over with a British lead actor in a US drama. Let's hope Torchwood is as well done as this has been.
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Yeah, there must have been some sort of conflict with the CSS that this site uses and the bar that only effected the Microsoft IE browser on Windows. The problem was not presenting itself on our previous website using the same bar in MS IE. It was pretty weird and as you say, it was a like a big shutter blocking the site. 

Normally site visitors could disable it themselves, but you couldn't even get to that option in IE.

So it is now disabled, which means we lost a little functionality that it offered, but better that than the orange blob that ate the Gallifreyan Embassy. 

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 


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