K9 S1E4 The Bounty Hunter [SPOILERS]

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tarashnat - Posted on 30 October 2010

Wow, some hints about K–9's activities before it arrived in this time zone. The eponymous Bounty Hunter was so clichéd, but I need to remember that this is targeted at little children. I think the third and fourth episodes are stronger than the first two by a little bit.

Another exciting episode and one that pulls at the heart strings, of course, we know K9 did not do it but what if the president were an android or evil? K9 thinking he did it does make me a bit sad as he's so cute. It's interesting that he doesn't remember. Does this cure him at the end of the ep? Of course too the plot is from THE OUTER LIMITS as a bounty hunter comes to Earth from another time and that was used in TERMINATOR, which this politely seems to copy but never mind that, the three kids bond in a sewer, K9 has angst about having killed someone and the evil minded Drake sets up an "accident". What more can a kid's show ask for? It has three likable kids, it moves fast enough and it has some mystery behind it. I like the ending with the bounty hunter "lost in space" or is he dying in space? His eye piece reminds me of  a Sat Morning show called JASON OF STAR COMMAND as the villain in that, equally hokey, had an eye piece like that and that was copied by STAR TREK'S Borg. Again, nothing very challenging but it has action, moves fast and doesn't like itself so much it can't do anything different. Not terrible but watchable unlike SJ, DW S.5 and all of TW. 

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