Playing the Dane

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Gallifreyan Irr... - Posted on 25 October 2010

BBC Radio 4 continues to deliver aural gifts to us, license fee be damned!

"Playing the Dane" is a reflection on different interpretations of Hamlet narrated by the amazing Michael Sheen (fleetingly quoting Richard Griffiths' "I shall never play the Dane!," much to my unending delight!), with comments from actors as diverse as David Tennant, Derek Jacobi and John Simm.  And people who were never Timelords, like Kenneth Branagh and Jonathan Pryce.

Speak the speech I pray you!

Not canon (probably), but Jonathon Pryce played the Master in "Curse of the Fatal Death" the Steven Moffat scripted Children in Need special in the late Nineties.

...and I'm sure Kenneth Branagh will get round to Doctor Who once the directing Hollywood superhero blockbuster gigss dry up!!

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I completely forgot!  Good for you. I consider it ALL canon, Yurix2!



I believe this is the link to "Playing the Dame" with Michael Sheen available on the BBC iPlayer (for 3 more days as I type this) is as follows:

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