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Chase - Posted on 24 October 2010

This is a four out of ten. Why? It might be okay for a Hartnell adventure back in 1965 or 66 but then again the Hartnell stories that this most resembles are pretty much a mix of slapstick, gagfest, some geniuninely funny lines and material, some sublty and some action and seriousness as well as a few mysteries and scares with few if any twists and turns. This story has the twists and turns, one too many for my taste but it has NO humor or at least what is supposed to pass as humor doesn't. Pass that is.

The jokes are unfunny, the script boring and flat. The companion is once again stupid and awful as the main villain states at one point. Tamsin? Really? That's who they picked out of four, three better rivals. And then there's the final twist at the end...that is just one twist too many and makes no sense and even if it's boring and the character that became that other character was more interesting than the character that he became! Now wouldn't Ryan Sampson make a great companion. Just as I thought, oh great a gay villain with depth...they go and make him a girl and one that we know already.

Getting back to Tamsin, she's like the worst bits of Rose and Donna with all of Amy thrown in (and by that I mean Amy has no good bits). She constantly refers to things in her past, all the time. It's annoying, she's stupid in her thinking, AND on top of that the Doctor confronting his long time enemy (or so he thinks) is about as filled with cliche dialog as there is. It's dull, it's not funny or even camp. The entire thing is hammy. True, there are some good bits: the historical setting is cool and different, if not too well used.

This comes off as a runaround with little running around, a mystery with little mystery, a romp with very little romping, camp iwth very little camp, and a comedy with lame jokes throughout. At one point Tamsin says, "I'm absolutely awful," which sums her up well. It's really not terrible but it's really not very good or entertaining either. It just can't try to be a 60s WHO without  the clever writing in the dialog that sprinkled those Hartnell stories. ANd this feels like WHO sending itself up and badly at that.        

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