IMDB confirm Finale cast? ***Possible Spoilers***

Milamber - Posted on 13 June 2009

Timothy Dalton and Gillian Anderson are listed. Is there official confirmation from the BBC?

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The IMDb, while a rich resource can not regarded as an official confirmation. They have been known to have erroneous data, especially when it comes to information regarding upcoming releases.




I'm sure they are going to play the Doc's parents. Just a guest though.

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Actually, I don't imagine the Doc's parents will show up. He's near the end of his lives now, and that's assuming that the Hartnell Doctor was his first incarnation. Did he ever mention his age back then? I seem to remember he started out 'very old'. If so, Smith may be his last incarnation (though what happened to the Valyard I'm not sure...).

Certainly, his parents must be dead by now. I'm more interested, if gallifrey does come back, to see him run off to see Romana and Susan. He must be dead keen to see them straight away I should think.

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but then i'd have to kill you lol :P

IMDB have dropped Gillian Anderson from the cast list. Perhaps they'll reveal her in Part 2 or save her to play The Rani next season.

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If I had to guess, I would say that Karen Gilian's character will make her first appearance in the first full story with Matt Smith. I'm guessing that she'll meet the Doctor post-regeneration.

I also suspect that Wilfred Cribbins will be there to see the regeneation. It has already been confirmed that he will be playing Wilfred Mott (Donna's Grandfather) in the final two episodes. Rumors also say that he is listed as a companion for the two-part Christmas special (now tentavely titled "The End of Time").

I'm guessing that after the regeneration the eleventh Doctor will go on his own and meet Amy Pond (Gilian Anderson's character) in the next story.

However this is just speculation and I may be WAY off base.

BTW the current cast list for the story has this listing:

  • Tenth Doctor - David Tennant
  • Wilfred Mott - Bernard Cribbins
  • Donna Noble - Catherine Tate
  • Sylvia Noble - Jacqueline King
  • The Master - John Simm
  • Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith
  • Lucy Saxon - Alexandra Moen
  • Verity Newman - Jessica Hynes
  • Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
  • Sarah Jane Smith - Elizabeth Sladen
  • Luke Smith - Tommy Knight
  • Joshua Naismith - David Harewood
  • Rose Tyler - Billie Piper
  • Jackie Tyler - Camille Coduri
  • Unknown - June Whitfield
  • Unknown - Timothy Dalton
  • Unknown - Barry Howard
  • Unknown - Karl Collins

Talk about a list of returning characters.

NOTE: Since this is base on upcoming stories things could be change at a moments notice and any infor mation could change like that (snaps fingers). Do not take this information as definite.

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Actually saw this the other night when looking for Catherine Tate Show, and found the listing, though I knew most of it, wish I hadnt found it--

-- Anthony S Burdge Myth Ink Books Editor/Publisher

Editor The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who
The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman
The Friendly Horror and Other W

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I guess that I should have put a spoiler warning on that post. But the rumors have been around for a while so I didn't think it necessary.

Maybe I was wrong.Embarassed






As RTD and David and the writers (Scott?) have also said that the Doctor will be "unstuck" in time and probably reliving moments of his life and going over them ala IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE I DO think we will see his parents, The Master, but I doubt we will see Susan or Romana but tha'ts just a guess. I do feel strongly we will see Gallifrey in either flashback or alt time or have it returned to us (a mistake both ways IMO--and at first I wasn't one of the ones who thought having no Gallifrey ever was a good idea but let's face it most of the later Gallifrey stories were sadly lacking so RTD was correct in that but now he's bringing it back? Maybe). I think the whole thing from what I've heard sounds convoluted and forced and I'm sure it is going to really dissapoint especially if Sims (SPelling?) is involved. While on that I"m not crazy about Dalton either and God knows who or what he's going to play (My bet is on the Doc AND the Master's father OR Borusa). God help us all.   

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