The Passing of a Friend and Listener

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 23 September 2010

Adric Antfarm

It is with sadness that I am once again talking about the passing of another listener and friend of Doctor Who: Podshock. It was only this past June in which we dedicated Doctor Who: Podshock 207 to the memory of Alexei Kondratiev who had passed away unexpectedly a couple weeks after attending our live show in NYC in May. Today to my surprise and shock I learned of another passing. I didn't know him that well as I have only communicated with him via Twitter and on Second Life. His name is David Jennings, but you may know him as @AdricAntfarm — the name he used on Twitter (and Second Life). In fact he was a regular at our Doctor Who: Podshock meet ups and I was just tweeting with him as recently as last week.

The most recent and last posting on his blog by a good friend of his, Amalia Broom had broken the news today:

Adric Antfarm - Living on a Prim:

"I regret to inform everyone that this is the last entry for Adric Antfarm. The man behind this blog, my best friend, David, passed away suddenly Saturday night or very early Sunday morning, apparently of natural causes (quite possibly a stroke). I was closer, perhaps, to him than anyone else in the real world, having known him for 20 years."

(Via Amalia Broom posting on on 23 September 2010)


I was taken quite a surprise and disbelief over the news as I mentioned earlier, we had just been communicating via Twitter last week together. He was also at our most recent Doctor Who: Podshock meet up celebrating our 5th Anniversary Event last month (he was dressed in an Adric costume) (see: A Grand Celebration of 5 Years of Doctor Who: Podshock). He posted some images from it on his blog here and wrote about it here (Doctor Who Podshock Notes).

Who Needs TV, Look at me

I didn't know David well beyond our Twitter exchanges and having him at our meet ups. Obviously he was a Doctor Who fan. He was a regular on Second Life, his blog (Living on a Prim) was mostly about his experiences there. I also know he served in the military in the 1980s. He was very witty and yet at least at our meet ups, seemed a little shy surprisingly.

Pretty Fly for a Dork Guy

In one of our recent exchanges via Twitter's direct messaging, he told me of his time in the service (Army). He pointed out a photo he placed on Flickr with him aiming a SAM launcher (looks like a bazooka). I joked that I hope his glasses he had on in the photo were shatterproof.

I assume he must had been in his 40s now being that he was in the service in the mid-80s. Far too young to loose now. I will miss his tweets, his wit, and will miss him at our future meet ups. My condolences to his friends and family and all who knew him.

Cool Rags

The photos of David here are from his Flickr account. I couldn't find one that looked recent. These are younger photos… one where he is obviously a kid, probably waiting for Doctor Who to come on no less.

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