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Troy Baker - Posted on 22 September 2010

After watching 'Time and the Rani' again I noticed in the credits the name Wanda Ventham was playing Faroon and I know she appeared in 'The Faceless Ones' (Jean Rock) and 'Image of the Fendahl' (Thea Ransome) before that. I also remember Jean Marsh playing Joanna in 'The Crusades' and Sara Kingdom in "The Dalek Master Plan'. This got my mind thinking about this question...

How many people have appeared in 'Doctor Who' in multiple stories NOT COUNTING companions (Rose, Sarah Jane, Jo Grant, etc...), regulars (Brigadier, Liz Shaw, etc...), semi-regulars (the Master, Jackie Tyler, etc...) as different characters?


A good contender for this list (along with the two mentioned) is Prentis Hancock who was in 'Spearhead From Space', 'Planet of the Daleks', 'Planet of Evil', and 'The Ribos Operation'. In 'Spearhead from Space' he played a reporter, Vaber in 'Planet of the Daleks', Salamar in 'Planet of Evil' and the Shrieve Captain in 'The Ribos Operation'.


Note: I'm including Sara Kingdom in the list for illustation purposes to point out how a actor / actress can play multiple parts on the series. I think of her as a honorary companion because she appeared in one story and did not travel in the TARDIS into another story like other companions did.

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