So why didn't Amy remember the daleks again?

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Linquel - Posted on 13 September 2010

I'm rewatching the season with a friend and I'm amazed at how much this season didn't really stick. I watched it, liked some eps, didn't like others, but mostly it was a big meh. This really struck me because I was trying to remember why it was Amy had no memory of the Daleks or the earth moving in Journey's End. Was this ever answered? Was the whole season supposed to have taken place in the pocket universe created after the TARDIS exploded? Maybe I'll post this to the Podshock Facebook wall, too.

If I understood it correctly, Amy's life was being "absorbed" for lack of a better word into the "crack in the wall". It's why she didn't remember her parents. When the Doctor realized that she didn't remember the Daleks, he knew something was wrong.

At least that was how I interpreted it. Every time I watch Series 5 (or any other for that matter), I always find more details/hints.

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