Possible identity of River Song

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Captain_Zaphod - Posted on 29 August 2010

Okay...been listening to the Big Finish, Eight Doctor series.  In listening to Zagreus & Scherzo (with Scherzo being the most mind bending Who story yet!.  Scherzo is the bastard child of the move "Altered States" & "Eraser Head").

You really need to hear/read both these stories together.

Anyway.  The Doctor's affection towards Charlotte "Charlie" Pollard seems to go way beyond that of Tennent & Rose. 

She's his best friend & they openly claim to love other                                            .

My theory is that the secret name she called the Doctor was Zagreus, as with all the Gallifreyans dead, no-one else would know that name.  I also propose that River is actually Charlie.









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