Nintendo Game releases.

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 24 August 2010

This is the cover for the new Doctor Who game "Return to Earth" being released for the nintendo Wii, the apparent release date is 29th of October 2010 in the UK and is apparently already for pre-order on To this another game is also being released for the DS and is titled Evacuation Earth both developed by Asylum Entertainment.

The press release says there are plans for the games to use “a remote control unit and stylus shaped like a sonic screwdriver” to control the game.

The Wii "Return to Earth" is described so:  The Doctor and Amy help the SS Lucy Gray to return home to Earth, unravelling a Cyber Plot and preventing the Daleks from retrieving a lost Time Axis along the way.  The Doctor and Amy arrive on a human colony ship returning to Earth after it was rendered uninhabitable by solar flares. Without provocation they are attacked by the ship’s maintenance robots and become separated in the struggle.  The Doctor is eventually led to the ship’s Head Quarters, where he discovers a Cyber Leader has connected himself to the ships AI and is blackmailing it into doing his bidding, or else he’ll kill the crew.  Meanwhile the Cybermen that were hiding in the ship ambush Amy and chase her out into space.

Guide the Doctor and Amy as they face their biggest adventure yet!

The DS "Evacuation Earth" is described soThe Doctor and Amy arrive at the Lake District to watch the humans leave the planet. Suddenly the TARDIS gets lifted from them and bolted onto the evacuation ship. They have to make their way onto the ship before it leaves.  As the ship launches it has technical problems and they realise the Silurians have built a ship underneath. The Doctor finds a solution to make the ship work.  Suddenly the Dalek ship smashes into the human one and splits the Silurian half off. It’s the Dalek ship that chased the Time Axis into the sun – they weren’t destroyed, they actually made a random jump several hundred years into the past.  The Daleks are pleased that they can exact revenge on the Doctor but first they make him fix their ship. The Doctor goes along with their plan but tricks them into bolting the TARDIS onto their ship, which he promptly jumps into and uses to fling them into the nearest black hole.

Of course the games are released just in time for Christmas.

I see from the cover art, that the Wii game is for PAL systems. I am assuming it may not work on NTSC Wii consoles. Frown

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As well as releasing the games there have also been report of some peripherals that can go with the game system.


For the Wii - how about a sonic screwdriver shaped game controller, for the DS you can find slipcases (6 of them) and a sonic screwdriver shaped stylus for their games.


You can see pictures of both of them here:

'Doctor Who' accessories for Wii, DS

The games have been reported to go on sale in the UK, Australia, and several European territories, I assume that the accessories are as well.

So far there is no information of an American release of the games and periphereals.

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Digital Spy has rported that the release of the games will be on November 12 - just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

You can read the whole story here:

Wii, DS 'Doctor Who' games in November

Just a reminder: The games are for the UK, Australia, and other European sites - no word on the American and other worldwide release.

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Digital Spy reports on their website that the release of the Wii version of the game will be delayed for a week.


For the full story - go here:

'Doctor Who' game on Wii delayed



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