'Sherlock' to air on 'Masterpiece: Mystery' in October

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Troy Baker - Posted on 08 August 2010

Starting October 24th, 'Masterpice: Mystery' will begin airing the three episode series 'Sherlock'.


If you don't already know, 'Sherlock' is co-produced by Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis - both of which have connections to 'Doctor Who'. It is a "contemporary update" of many Sherlock Holmes stories. The final episode aired tonight (August 8th) in the UK and American viewers will be able to see the show in three consecutive weeks on their local PBS station starting October 24th (episode 2 on Oct. 31st, and episode 3 on Nov. 7th).


Please note that some PBS stations may air these shows at different times, but the times above reflect when PBS is releasing them for broadcast.


For more on the show from 'Masterpiece: Mystery':


Sherlock: The Game Is On This Fall



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it was great!

as a big fan of Sherlock Holmes the show reminds me why i love Sherlock Holmes. it does a great job of updating the characters from the original stories to modern day. 

and Benedict Cumberbatch does a perfect Holmes. 

Man Of The Atom

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I finally got around to watching Sherlock tonight... (The Case of Pink - or whatever the first episode is named). I really thought I would just watch a little of it only and get back to work (there are episodes of DWP in the wings that need to be produced). Little did I know…

I was somewhat hoping I wouldn't like it so much because I simply don't have the time to watch it, but it is bloody brilliant! I pretty much ended up watching it twice. So much for my productivity.

Why would I expect anything less coming from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss? Bravo to them both as well as everyone involved in the series. It is a nop notch production all around.

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Just a post to remind you that the second episode will air Sunday on your local PBS stations as part of 'Masterpiece: Mystery'. The air time (like last week) is 9:00 PM (EDT). This week's episode is called 'The Blind Banker. If you happened to miss last week's episode you can catch it on the 'Masterpiece: Mystery' website (link below - US only) until Dec. 2nd.

Masterpiece: Mystery - Sherlock


The following week will air the the final episode of the season -  'The Great Game'. This will also end the season for 'Masterpiece: Mystery'.

After 'Masterpiece: Mystery' ends the show will go to the Masterpiece: Contemporary' series and on on Nov 21st the season opens with former Doctor - Christopher Eccleston - in the 90-minute show 'Lennon: Naked'. It aired on the BBC on June 23rd of this year. Look forward to THAT.


PS: I find this series is much better that the movie that came out last year (with Robert Downey Jr.) - much, much better.

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and all i have to say is WHOA!!!!!!

Man Of The Atom

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Since you enjoyed the series so much, I'd thought that I'd remind you that the series has been renewed and and will be back next year. Currently the projected airdates for the new episodes will be in August (in the UK). Hopefully 'Masterpiece: Mystery' will air the new episodes as well.


PS: If you want to watch all the episodes again you can see them on-line at :

Msterpiece: Mystery -  Sherlock


All three episode will be available to US viewers until December 7.


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