So... The Doctor created the universe?

Alex - Posted on 20 July 2010

I'm a little confused about the nature of the universe in the Who-niverse. In "Flesh and Stone" River tells the Doctor that they will next meet when the Pandorica opens. I assume that she has already experienced the events of the series finale when she says this. This River's timeline has followed on from the Creation of the new universe to the events on the Byzantium. Wouldn't this mean that she is living in the "new" universe? That would mean that the Doctor and Amy, meeting this River, are also living in the new universe created by the Doctor's actions. So...that would mean that there never was a Universe ver.1. It has always been the re-booted universe. I need a cuppa tea. My brain hurts.

No, I think what they were trying to say in their poor writing was that...and this poorness exemplifies Moffat's writing in  this season as well as the season as a whole...the Doctor's actions change the that when he hits a certain point in time and interferes, he changes what happened so badly that another universe sets up around his change...or something. Does it reallyh matter in telling a storyh? Not reallly but then they don't really tell good ones much anymore do they?

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I thought that by using the power of the Vortex Manipulator the Doctor hadn't created a new universe but just restored the old one (the blueprint having been kept safe in the Pandorica Box). The fact is that originally (before we joined Amelia) she had parents but the crack in her bedroom had wiped them from existence. By closing the cracks and restoring the universe everything was put back to normal, her parents were back, Rory was alive. So, as this is a healed universe (but the same one), Rivers timeline would be unaffected. The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is why River doesn't seem to remember Rory when she meets him as a centurian. I assume that, now that Rory is a fully fledged companion, she will meet him when next we meet her and so should know him when she sees him in ancient Britain! As she is a time travellor I would imagine that, like the Doctor she should be immune to the cracks influence so his wiping from existence shouldn't effect her recall)!

We have had such great stories this season and the fact that some of them make us work our brains out a little harder makes us doubly blessed!!!

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Doesn't she notice that Rory is plastic (and doesn't the Doctor, when he pokes him)? And wouldn't that tip them off before River sees the book in Amy's room?

...time and time again...

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