Seven Million Hits on GE 2.0

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Doctor Whoovie - Posted on 10 June 2009

Well the original (2.0) Gallifreyan website went through its seventh million hits yesterday. Congrats.

In the contiued time honored fashion.

The first million hits to the site took 369 Days.
The second million hits took 200 Days.
The third Million took 148 days.
The Fourth Million took 188 days.
Fifth Million took 164 Days.
Sixth Million took 184 Days.
Seventh Milion took 172 Days.

The hit rate seems pretty consistant at about 1 million hits per 170 days. Especially impressive considering no series this year.

I guess it might not be able to continue this on the new site As the stats are not obviously visible.


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I can't believe you kept track of it all. Thanks. It's interesting. 

The stats on the previous site will continue as it stays up and running as an archive, but obviously the numbers may slow down.


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