The new season rumors (season 6) POSSIBLE SPOILERS

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Troy Baker - Posted on 05 July 2010

It's still early July and we're already getting rumors about the next season - including rumors from Steven Moffat himself!

He has given some teasers for the next season at Digital Spy. Here is a link to that story:

Steven Moffat teases next series of 'Who"

WARNING: The story say it is reporting spoilers so be aware of that.



Rumour has it Omega is the big bad for Smith's era. Not really a spoiler as it's not confirmed but it's a theory I agree with. Who else would be able to hijack the TARDIS, create an Alliance of monsters to distract the Doctor, and blow up the Universe while being unaffected.

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There are a few rumors about the Christmas special out there and one of them is that it is a take on the Dickens's classic "A Christmas Carol".


For more on the story you can go here:

BBC teases 'Doctor Who' special plot

Does anyone care about any of this? Omega? Really? A Christmas Carol? Seen it and better. The Silence Arc? And who really gives a fig about River any more? Does anyone really REALLY care about any of this hype and gimmickry? Why can't they just tell adventures in different genres? They've done it before and did a bit of it last year but why belabor over such boring stuff? Xmas stories have been done to death, do something different for it if you have to. River Song? They've tempted us long enough already with a character who is shakily written. I don't care. Omega? Will he be played by Peter Davison with corn flakes on his face as in ARC OF INFINITY (One of the worst stories ever?). And AMy is back. None of that bodes well. Hope its' all rumor including the Amy's back bit. What happened to adventures in time and space and what happenede to having adentujres in time without monsters? WHat happened to the great scripts that we've seen since 2005 and haven't since 2009 ended? I f I didn't like DOCTOR WHO so muich and was such a fan, I'd not give the next season one looks. As it is, I am hoping it will be cancelled.

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I am already really excited about season 32/6 and am intrigued by the idea of Omega returning! I am also really interested by how the "Silence" Arc is going to shape up and progress as this has easily been the best "ongoing storyline" since the show returned in 2005! The character of River Song really took an interesting turn in season 31 and I REALLY am looking forward to finding out who she is and what her relationship with the Doctor actually is! The idea of this continuing storyline as well as the "Silence" arc is truly exciting stuff!

Omega was a great character and would send a frisson of excitement throught the old school fans should Steven Moffat choose to bring him back.

And "YAY", Amy is coming back!!! Having rewatched the last season I think her character was actually rather good and I find Karen Gillan's performance to be unique and different to previous companions!

It is a great time to be a Doctor Who fan! The last season had some of the best written scripts since the shows return in 2005 such as "The Time of the Angels", "Vampires in Venice", "Vincent and the Doctor " and "The Lodger" to name just a few (all of which must score around 9/10 or 10/10... PERFECT Doctor Who!) I am so glad to be a fan right now and my anticipation for next season is overwhelming! I hope Doctor Who runs for many, many more years to come!!!

"Does anyone care about any of this?"



I like the idea of an arc that goes over more than one season, as long as it is satisfactorily explained in the end. Granted, this is a 'to each their own' sort of thing, and can't be properly judged until it's over. But I'm willing to give Moffat the chance to think grand.

And, so far, he's gone about it in a way that gets a big thumbs up from me over anything RTD had attempted.

yeah well big thumbs down from me. I don't trust his storytelling ability any longer so to spread a thin arc over not only season five but into season six to me will be as unsatisfying as that horrible two part season ender we just had..and maybe he'll even spread this meaningless garbage into season 7 If there is a season 7. My gosh, to think he's wasting a whole two seasons on this and making me care less about this show than ever before...

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Digital spy reports a story that says (click on quote for story on digital spy)

"Matt Smith reportedly plans to quit Doctor Who next year."


Keep in mind this is a rumor and nothing is confirmed but this (in my opinion) is too soon to do. He should at least do three seasons. Let's hope it's just a rumor.

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Last week's story about Matt Smith leaving have been reported as rumors by Karen Gillian in a new digital spy article.

Here is the link to that update:

'Matt Smith isn't leaving Who'


Another story in the Telegraph reports the same thing. Here is their story:

"'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith is staying put, says Karen Gillan"

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I could had told you that.

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I knew that and in my posting I said that it probably was a rumor - I'm just reporting the stories as I get them. The first story was from last week and we get the recanting of the rumors today.



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Doctor Who online has OFFICIALLY reported that Matt Smith is not leaving the show. Matt is reported to be staying for at least another series during 2012.


Here is the link to the story:

Matt Smith back for 2012 Series


I know it didn't really need to be said but I thought that this needed to be confirmed - and now it is. We've got two seasons of 'Doctor Who' with Matt Smith to look forward to - this year's stories and next year.



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Digital spy has a story circulating on it's website with the title:

EXCLUSIVE: Cumberpatch hints at 'Doctor Who' role


For those who don't know (like myself) he is the star of the BBC mini-series 'Sherlock', but he best known for his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking in the tv-movie 'Hawking' which garnered him a BAFTA nomination.

American audiences might remember him in last season's 'Masterpiece: Mystery' broadcast of 'Marple: Murder is Easy' as Luke Fitzwilliam in the story.


For his profile on wikipediea:

Benedict Cumberpatch

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Hmmm, I find that interview a little worrying! To me, he is not just hinting that he is going to be in a few episodes of Doctor Who... He seems to be hinting that he actually wants to play "The Doctor". Coming so soon after that "Sun" article that Matt Smith may be leaving after season thirty-two (something I, too, dismissed out of hand, despite the Sun getting it right from time to time), it has left me worrying that maybe Matt IS planning on only doing one more season and that Cumberpatch may have already discussed with Moffatt the possibility of replacing him. Personally, I don't know Cumberpatch's work (although I do plan on seeing "Sherlock" this Sunday) so I have no idea if he would be any good as our favourite Timelord but I really do not want to see the back of Matt Smith just yet!

Fellow Doctor Who fans please... tell me I am worrying over nothing so I can sooth my furrowed brow!!!

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All I really know about Benedict Cumberpatch is his appearance on 'Marple: Murder is Easy' (which was re-broadcast as an encore episode on PBS stations June 13th). He did seem okay in that show but until I have more to go on, I'm reserving judgement.

I would like to see 'Sherlock' but since it is just coming out on BBC this weekend I'll probably have to take the "red-eye flight" to see it - but there is talk that it might be on 'Masterpiece: Mystery' next year.


BTW: I think it's just a publicity stunt for the airing of 'Sherlock', but who knows - I might be wrong.

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Yesterday I reported that Benedict Cumberpatch was going to have ties to 'Doctor Who' in some unknown matter. Some took it to mean that he was going to be cast as the new Doctor but today we get this article from Digital Spy (the source of yesterday's story) with this:

Moffat: Cumberpatch Won't Be Doctor


...with that cleared up we can now return to the question of what exactly will his connection to 'Doctor Who' will be.

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Despite the fact that Doctor Who Showrunners have a history of lying ("the Daleks won't be in season two" or "Billie Piper will be staying on for season three), I actually believe this one (on this matter, at least). Matt Smith seems to love the role and I imagine Karen Gillan would have just not commented instead of actually stating that Matt is staying. 

Thankyou for posting this short piece!

Consider my brow soothed!!!

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You're welcome!

Just glad to get the "news" stories out there. Wheter they are true or not is speculative but I'm just trying to keep everyone informed about what's going on.





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Writer Toby Whithouse is rumored to be returning in the new season. Whithouse is known for writing 'School Reunion' and 'Vampires of Venice' for "Doctor Who", 'Greeks Bearing Gifts' for "Torchwood", and creating the series "Being Human'.

Right now this is only a rumor and Toby Whithouse has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.

Also, rumored to return as writers are Paul Cornell and Tom MacRae.

for the story on Digital Spy:

'Being Human' creator for 'Who' return?

I get the feeling when the rumors start, they are about a year or two behind time so maybe Matt will leave at the end of season six or seven...IF he values his career.

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Digital Spy reports that the story that Neil Gaiman's story will be the third story of the season (season 6/32/fanarg72/or whatever you wish to call it). The title that they had for it was dropped and as of now there is no title for the episode.The title they did have was 'The House of Nothing'.

Neil Gaiman also states in the Digital Spy article that he 'struggled' with keeping the story within the budget alloted for the show.


For the full article you can go here:

Gaiman 'struggled with Who budget'



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If you thought that last season was good then good news - Steven Moffat (the primary writer of last season) is writing 5 stories for the new season AND the Christmas Special.

Digital Spy gives few details about the stories but talks about the work he's doing in this article:

Moffat reveals new 'Who' details


The story that digital spy refers to (Den of Geek) has more details on it's website here:

Steven Moffat interview: Sherlock, writing modern TV, and Doctor Who series six



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I think we can assume that the still untitled Christmas special is done filming because we have stories about Katherine Jenkins filming 'wrapping up' and a story of Michael Gambon being praised for his performance. That leads me to think that the primary filming is done.


As I've already stated it is a story that is reported to be 'A Christmas Carol' with a twist. What that means - I don't know, but I can't wait until it comes out this December.


Here are the stories about

Katherine Jenkins:

Katherine Jenkins wraps 'Doctor Who' role


Michael Gambon:

Moffat Praises Gambon 'Who' Performance



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Mark Gatiss is writing a new story for the new season of 'Doctor Who'. The still-unnamed story is slated to be broadcast as the fourth story of the fist part of the season.

This is not his first time writing for 'Who' - he has written the 'The Unquiet Dead', 'The Idiots Lantern' and 'Victory of the Daleks' for the tv series as well as 'Phantasmagoria' and  'Invaders from Mars' for Big Finish productions. He is also know for his appearance in 'The Lazarus Experiment'.


Here is the Digital Spy story about his writing gig:

Clark: Gatiss penned new 'Who' episode

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There are rumors circulating that one of the main characters will be killed during the season. It is also rumored that the death will be the cliff-hanger for the first part of the season - if the season is indeed broken up into two parts throughout the year.


I will not tell you who is rumored to be killed but IF you want to find out you can read the story here:

'Doctor Who' character to be killed off?

You'll have to scroll down the story page because they have a spoiler warning and start the story further down the screen.

NOT AGAIN????!!! Only to be revived ten min later or two eps later. Please please let it be Amy who dies and stays deads! DIE AMY!

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Digital Spy reports that there is casting for a new episode tentatively titled "What are Little Boys Made of?' and rumored to be the fourth story of the season.

Child actor Jamie Oram has been tapped to play the title boy in the Story named Harry. This will be his first acting outside of commercials.

His father will be played by Daniel Mays. He is best known for his roles in 'Ashes to Ashes' (Jim Keats) and he will also be appearing in the upcoming 'Outcasts'.


His mother will be played by Emma Cunniffe. She is known for her appearances in 'The Bill' and 'Casualty. She has also appeared with former 'Doctor Who' star Christopher Eccleston in the in the pre-'who' series 'Flesh and Blood'.


Here is a link to the whole story on Digital spy

Three Cast in new 'Doctor Who'


Enjoy! Smile

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Digital Spy reports on it's website that Suranne Jones from the long-running series 'Coronation Street' will be on 'Doctor Who' as a guest. It is also reported that she will be in the story written by Neil Gaiman (the third episode of the new season). Little is known about the episode itself because it has been kept in secrecy.


For the full story you can go here:

Suranne Jones cast in 'Doctor Who'


This will not be her first appearance in the 'Doctor Who' franchise. She has appeared in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' as Mona Lisa in "Mona Lisa'a Revenge' (series 3 episodes 9 and 10).

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Digital Spy has reported the Mark Sheppard (from 'Supernatural') is going to be making a guest appearance in the new season. not much is known about his role in the show but it is said that he will be in a two-parter.


For the story on Digital Spy:

'Supernatural' star joins 'Doctor Who'


Cheers Wink

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In Digital spy - Neil Gaimnan says a few things about his story for the upcoming season and drops a few hints a bout it.


For the stpry on Digital Spy:

Neil Gaiman drops 'Doctor Who' hints

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The Sun has a photo on it's website supposedly from an upcoming episode of 'Doctor Who'. It is supposedly from the episode 'What are little boys made of?' and it is said that it may be the th episode of the season.


Here is a link to the photo and story:

Doctor Who gets all dolled up


Note: The photo is not very good but that is what they have posted on their website. Also remember the source of the story - The Sun - so don't be surprised if this is a decoy photo.

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Today (Nov. 12th) on the BBC's 'Doctor Who' website there is a story concerning the upcoming Christmas special. On it they give the title - "A Christmas Carol'.


Well, we already knew it was based on the classic story, so is it really a surprise?


For the full story on the 'Doctor Who' site you can go here:

Title of Christmas special revealed

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On digital spy's website there is a report thta Stuart Milligan will be in the upcoming story set in the US. Little is known about his part but it is rumored to be penned by Matthew Graham, who wrote Fear Her in the second season.

Stuart Milligan is best known for his work as Adam Klaus in the series 'Johnathon Creek'. This is not his first appearanc ein the world of 'Doctor Who'. Ha has also appeared in the Big Finsh audio drama The Reaping (no. 86 in the series), and he has also played Colonel Stark in the animated story 'Dreamland'.


For more about Stuart Milligan:

Wikipedia - Stuart Milliagan


and here is the story from digital spy about his casting:


'Johnathon Creek' star joins 'Doctor Who'



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Digital Spy report that Marshall Lancaster (Chris Skelton in 'Life on Mars', 'Ashes to Ashes') will be making a guest appearance in the fifth and sixth episodes. The character he will be playing is Buzzer, and little is known about the character at this time. The two episodes are reported to be 'The Rebel Flesh' and 'Gangers' as a result they are the first episodes with the titles announced.


Also, with Marshall Lancaster will be Sarah Smart. She is known for her role as Anne-Brit Hoglund from the 2008 series of 'Wallander'. She was also seen in the series 'Agatha Christie's Marple' in the story 'They Do It With Mirrors' (as Mildred Serrocold). Her role in Doctor Who is reported to be Jennifer Lucas, though little is known about the character at present.


For the information on Digital Spy you can go here:

Lancaster, Smart for new 'Doctor Who'


Cheers Wink.

Note: The underlined names have a link to wikipedia if you want to check out their bio's from the site.

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Digital spy reports that two more people have been cast in the upcoming season of 'Doctor Who'. They report that Leon Vickers and Mark Bonnar will appear.


Little is known about relatively new actor Leon Vickers (he doesn't have a page on wikipedia) but I found this on imdb:

Filmography  Actor (4 titles)

2011 Laid Off (post-production)
2011 Doctor Who (TV series)
Clone Worker
The Rebel Flesh (2011) … Clone Worker
2010 Being Victor (TV series)
Carl Sutton
2010 Garrow's Law (TV series)
John Davis
Episode #2.4 (2010) … John Davis
...and here is a link to spotlight actors:

The other person who is said to appear is Mark Bonnar (not to be confused with footballer Mark Bonner). He is best known for his appearances in "Casulty" and "Paradox". Like Leon Vickers he is a reletively new actor.

His history of film can be found here:

Here is a link to the story that reports this (from digital spy)
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We have a double header to report this time (due to me being busy this time of year) Two stories of people being cast in the series.

First up - Annabel Cleare has confirmed to Spotlight that she will be appearing in the new season of 'Doctor Who'. She is reported to be in the seventh episode of the season. 

She is primarily known for her work on stage but she also has the documentaries 'JFK Revealed' and 'BBC: Timewatch: The Real Atlantis' to her credit.


Here is the story from digital spy:

Annabel Cleare lands 'Doctor Who' role


For more on her you can go here:

Annabel Cleare



Next we have news of Hugh Bonneville landing a part in the show.


He is to play is yet unknown but he is best known for his role on the series 'Downtown Abey' in the role of Robert Crowley (the Earl of Grantham).


For more on the story you can go here to the story on digital spy:

Hugh Bonneville for 'Doctor Who' Role


For more on his history you can go to his page on wikipedia here:

Wikipedia - Hugh Bonneville



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According to digital spy former 'EastEnders' actor Lee Ross has landed a guest spot on 'Doctor Who'.It says that his character is called 'Boatswain' - beyond that no other information is given about his role.


For the story that Digital Spy has you can see it here:

'EastEnders' star lands 'Doctor Who' role


Lee Ross is best known for his role of Owen Turner in EastEnders' but has also appeared in 'Life on Mars' and "Ashes to Ashes' as DCI Litton.


For a more complete compilation of his work you can see it on wikipedia:

Wikipedia - Lee Ross

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It has been reported in (at least) three stories that UK model Lily Cole will be in upcoming story of 'Doctor Who'.


The Original source - the Sun - reports that "Lily Cole is to join 'Doctor Who' - as a mysterious sea creature". No information is given about her role but all it does say that the events take place on a pirate ship.


For the full story from the Sun:

Sea Lily Cole in Doctor Who


This story was also reported in Den of Geek in here :

Doctor Who series 6: Lily Cole to guest star


and this story is also reported by Digital Spy in this link:

Lily Cole cast in 'Doctor Who'


For more on Lily Cole you can see here bio on wikipedia here:

Wikipedia - Lily Cole

NOTE: The wiki page does not have any information about her 'Doctor Who' appearance but it probably will be updated in the future.

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Digital Spy and The Telegraph both report that David Williams is on tap to play an alien in the upcoming season of 'Doctor Who'. Both report that the alien is a cowardly type and has the name of Gibbis - beyond that, there is very little information.


For the stories you can follow the links here:

Digital Spy - David Williams 'Who' role leaked?


The Telegraph - David Williams lands alien role in Dr Who



This is not his first foray into the world of 'Doctor Who'. He has been in the Big Finish production of 'Doctor Who: Phantasmangoria' - the second Big Finish title for 'Doctor Who'. He has also done several spoofs on 'Doctor Who' However he is best known for 'Little Britian' and 'Come Fly With Me'.


For his more complete (not full) bio on wikipedia you can go here:

Wikipedia - David Williams


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While at the Doctor Who Experience, Matt Smith was interviewed briefly by Digital Spy and a couple of details come out in the interview.



The primary villian in the first two episodes is 'The Silence'.

They are currently recording episode 11.

The eleventh episode is being written by Toby Whithouse


For the interview you can go here:

Matt Smith chats 'Who' series six!


...and for the video for the interview look no further than here:


Matt Smith teases 'Who' Season 6 and The Silence

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In all the news about Nicholas Courtney and the events at Gallfrey One I somehow overlooked this story about James Corden returning to 'Doctor Who'. - and this is confirmed by the BBC's website for the show.


James Corden returns to 'Doctor Who' reprising his role as Craig Owens ('Doctor Who: The Lodger') - beyond that we know very little. For the full story you can go to the BBC's 'Doctor Who' website here:

Casting News: He's Back


The story has three links to videos in it, but they're region locked, so I can't see them. I also can't find they on YouTube either. Sorry.Cry

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Digital Spy reports today (March 21) that Michael Sheen will be a guest in the upcoming 6th series of 'Doctor Who'. The actor is known from the movie series 'Underworld' as Lucian. He also was the White Rabbit in the recent movie based on "Alice in Wonderland' (which starred Johnny Depp).


What's unusual about this guest is that it is stated he will be 'voicing' a character. What that means I don't know - but it is an interesting thing that I wanted to point out.


For the full article you can read it here:

Michael Sheen confirmed for 'Doctor Who'


for a more complete biography of Michael Sheen, here is a link to his page on wikipedia:

Wikipedia - Michael Sheen

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We are starting to get some of the titles for the new series of 'Doctor Who'. We still don't have that many titles , yet. But what we do have is this:


Spring set

1. The Impossible Astronaut (pt. 1) (confirmed by Doctor Who Magazine)

2. Day of the Moon (pt. 2) (confirmed by Doctor Who Magazine)

3.The Curse of the Black Spot (confirmed by Doctor Who Magazine #433)

4.The Doctor's Wife (confirmed by Neil Gaiman (via SFX))

5. The Rebel Flesh (pt. 1) (confirmed by Matthew Graham on Gallifrey newsbase)

6. The Almost People (pt. 2) (confirmed by Doctor Who Magazine #433)

7. A Good Man Goes to War (pt.1)  (confirmed be Doctor Who Magazine #433)


Fall Set

8. (still untitled but the conclusion of episode 7)



11. The God Complex (confirmed by Doctor Who Magazine #432)




We still have the title 'What are Little Boys Made of' floating around but there is no placement for that as of yet, but rumors say that it will air as episode 9. That is the story that was originally going to be the 4th episode but was moved to the second half of the series.

So that's what we have for now, but as I get more information I'll update this as much as possible until they actually start airing the episodes.

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Digital spy has on it's website a story about how Steven Moffat claims that this is the 'scariest' yet. The article gives out some hints about what is to come out this season.


For the story you can go here:

Digital Spy - New 'Doctor Who' will be 'scariest' yet


Digital Spy also has a collection of pictures from the trailer so you can get a closer look at what is going to happen in the new series. There are 20 pictures culled from the trailer with a tag-line on each.

For the story and pics you can go here:

Digital Spy - New 'Doctor Who' trailer scene-by-scene


I repeat what I put in the title of this posting - Warning: Spoilers.Surprised






EDIT: There's more concerning this story. The Guardian reveals some of the story points in the article they have today (April 5) - and some things you may not want to know are revealed.


Here is a link to the stroy from the Guardian:

Guardian - Doctor Who: It's back - promising to be the scariest and darkest yet


Troy Baker's picture

There's a lot of stuff out there today so let's get started...


The BBC press office has issued the press pack for the new season of 'Doctor Who'. Unfortunately it doesn't give the air date or air time of the show, but the fact that the press office is saying anything at all is a hint that it is coming soon (duh!).


We already have confirmation that the new season will begin on April 23rd in the US (on BBC America) but this is the closest we have to an official air date for the UK. It will probably become available (officially) at the end of the week.

For the information in the press pack you can go here:

BBC Press Office - Doctor Who: Introduction


With the release of the press pack we also get several stories from the 'Doctor Who' website concerning the new season featuring interviews (print interviews) with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and Steven Moffat.

Warning - There may be spoilers

I'll put in a lint to the home page for the four stories and you can go from there. Here it is:

BBC - 'Doctor Who' - All the Latest on the New Series


Now for other information.


The BBC's official 'Doctor Who' website also has on it a story giving a quite a bit of information about the first two episodes of the series. It gives more information than I would like so I'm giving this warning


I'm not going to quote the site - I'll just put a link here:


BBC - 'Doctor Who' - The opening adventure: The Revolution Begins




The 'Doctor Who' website has available on it a selection of images that can be downloaded to be used as desktop wallpaper (or whatever else you prefer) for the new episodes. You can find the page with the new wallpapers here:

New Series: Striking New Images

Enjoy Cool




I know that I've put a lot in this posting but there have been updates to a previous entry concerning the episode titles for the new series and the changes have been made in THAT story (it's currently two post up from this one). We now have all the titles for the first half of the series and one noteable change is that the episode called Gangers has a new name called The Almost People.

Troy Baker's picture

Yesterday I reported that the BBC press office had released a press pack for the new series of 'Doctor Who' but still had not put it on their OFFICIAL schedule - well, it's there now but the BBC is still up to it's old tricks.


The press office does indeed have it on the schedule for the week of April 23 - 29, but they still haven't given an actual air date or time for the show. All it says for the time is 'Day and time to be confirmed BBC ONE'.


Anyway here is the new press release for the show:


BBC Press Office - Doctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut



We pretty much know that it will air on the BBC on the 23rd - it pretty much has to, because it has to air on the BBC before it can air anywhere else, and BBC America has had an official airdate and time (April 23 - 9:00PM) for weeks now.

It's just annoying that the BBC won't give an official date when we have dates everywhere else.


Now for something totally unrelated to the BBC premire date ...or is it?


BBC America has a special widget on their website that is a countdown timer to the new series of 'Doctor Who' you can find it on the BBC America website under the category extras and click on the tab 'COUNTDOWN'

Ill try placing a link here but it may not workin other countries:


BBC America - Countdown widget


Enjoy Wink

Troy Baker's picture

The BBC's press office has finally issued an air date and time for the new series of Doctor Who.

The date is no surprise - April 23rd,


However the time is a little strange - 6:00 - 6:45 PM.

Is it my imagination or is that an earlier time slot than usual?


Regardless, the BBC has finally given an OFFICIAL date and time for the show. It is located in the press release linked to in the previous post - they just updated the times on it.



Troy Baker's picture

On the BBC's Doctor Who site there is a new story (with a pic) about the Cybermen coming back later on in the season. There isn't much about it in the story but we have this:


Doctor Who- The Cybermen Return!

Troy Baker's picture

On BBC's Doctor Who website they have released a series of picture from the upcoming series. They have them where you can look at them as a slideshow (by pressing the play button) or if you want or you can go to the next one just by pressing the next (or forward) arrow on the right side.

Be Advised there are a few SPOILERS in the pictures.

You can see them here:

Doctor Who - New Series Bonanza!


Enjoy! Wink


BTW: On the website's home page they have given the air date and time on it and it is like it said on the updated press office page a couple of days ago, but this counts as OFFICIAL confirmation from the BBC.

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One more of the titles has been revealed. It is for the 9th episode and it is titled "Night Terrors". It is written by Mark Gatiss and will follow "Let's Kill Hitler" when the series returns in late summer.

So far, for this grouping of titles we have.

8. Let's Kill Hitler (part 2)

9. Night Terrors

10. TBA

11. The God Complex

12. TBA

13. TBA

 However there is a rumor that the title of the 10th episode will be "The Green Anchor", but I don't know how reliable that information is.

More to come, when it becomes available.

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