AUDIO Spoilers: LEGEND OF THE CYBERMEN spoilers galore

Chase - Posted on 30 June 2010

I'd rather listen to a leaf blower. 


Leaf blower turned on. Maybe having the Cybermen invade the Land Of Fiction sounded like a good idea but trust me, i'ts not. Why do a sequel to a story if you're not going to use the same sound effects or the same rules as the original? Yes, i'ts tough to do a different story set in the same place with some of the same characters but ...this proves that and also didn't succeed. Uhm, Zoey being two years older would have been taken care of by the Time Lords I'm sure so that particular thing makes little sense. Frankly the rest of this is embarassing from Count Dracula to the Artful Dodger to Oliver saying, "Please sir, may I have another?"  The writers seem to think they are being clever but honestly they are making me feel really stupid just for listening to this. It's that horrible. I must admit some of it seems ...surreal...with flying Valkeryies that have been converted to Cybermen. If this were on TV it might just make it but frankly, it's really really stupid and childish. It might just make it if it were a Peter Pan adventure but as a Doctor's just terrible. I figured it would be better than the rest of this "trilogy" and the other awful Big FInish stuff lately because it has Jamie, Zoey, and the Doctor remeeting AND Colin! But to be honest, they can't save this and the writers' usual "Dark" endings mean that the reunion of our beloved trio isn't that good, isn't even that real. And hearing Colin hum flight of the Valkeryies while the real/fake things are flying just too much over the topness for me. It's THAT bad.

What else? For something that can have anything and anyone, it's VERY predictable. Hands up who didn't know Jamie was imaginary?
Two things that DID surprise me was Zoey being both converted AND the New Master of the Land. Of course that means a dark, nasty ending for characters from WHEEL IN SPACE. As if that's a good thing for the DW fictional world.

Also, going back to the original criticism: Zoey's army has to develop ink. Why? The land of fiction could use limitless armies by just writing about them. Jamie and ZOey were converted or almost converted to fiction so why couldn't the Cybermen? Oh wait, that's right, there is a Cyberman reality changing bomb. That must be it. Can someone say my intelligence is insulted? Can someone say I'd accept all of this IF there was an adventure I'd be entertained by but this isn't it.

It seems we're supposed to go OHHHH AHHHH every time some revelation is given. I didn't. Not when we're told a Whale has been converted, not when we're told Mermaids have been half Cybermen ized, etc. Bold in concept, terrible in execution, this is almost the lowest of the low in story telling and it's ashame that most DW fans these days will go for ANYTHING...


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Just one thing to point out - there are a lot of new 'Who" fans out there and they might not know that "Legend of the Cybermen" is a Big Finish production of an original story by Mike Maddox. This is the 135th release from Big finish in this series.

This story stars Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor, Frasier Hines as Jamie and Wendy Padbury returning to her role as Zoe.

If nothing else this story is notable for the retunion of Wendy and Frasier together in a "Doctor Who' story since "The Five Doctors"


Here is a link to the wiki page of the story:

Doctor Who: Legend of the Cybermen

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