River Song *SPOILERS!!!* No really, there are!

aintshefancy - Posted on 27 June 2010

Did anyone else not catch when River Song killed the Dalek in the Big Bang episode?  She told it to check her records.  And to say her name.  And it said over and over again.......




As in Mercy Hartigan (The Next Doctor).


Thoughts?  (all are welcome, I don't flame)

So The Doctor didn't recognize her as a Time Lord, much less himself?  Plus the fact that she's dead from the story last season...I'm not saying it's impossible, but those are 2 very big arguments working against the theory.

<double post deleted>

The Doctor did not kill Mercy in that episode.  He teleported her to another planet.  She is still alive.  She was not a time lord, and River Song has never said she was a time lord either.

Hold on...I'm beginning to think I misread your original post.  You seem to be referring to The Next Doctor special from the recent year of specials...I had thought you were referring to River Song literally being the next Doctor after Matt Smith regenerates.  lol

If you go back and watch the ep again, he OFFERS to send her to another planet and she refuses. You can even go to the actresses blog and she says that she died. Sorry, it was a good thought.

Neither River nor the Dalek ever make a claim that "Mercy" is River's real name.  What is said is this:

The Dalek - Records indicate you will show mercy.  You are an associate of the Doctor's.

River Song - I'm River Song.  Check your records again.

Dalek - Mercy?

River - Say it again.

Dalek - Mercy?

River - One. More. Time.

Dalek - Mercy?!


I mean, it's still a plausible theory, and a pretty interesting one at that.  Certainly not what we'd expect from her identity - as Moffat said.  It leaves us with enough questions to be feasible as a plot twist - why would she change her tune, how does she discover the Doctor's true name, what then would be the real nature of her relationship with him...I suppose we simply have to wait and find out!

"Rule Number One: the Doctor lies."

I like the Mercy Hartigan theory. Doctor Who loves a "play on words", and the Dalek saying Mercy would be a good one.

Plus, other key stuff is explained in the Xmas Cyber King episode

* The "other doctor" became convinced he was the Doctor because everything you could know about the doctor was blasted into his brain by the Cybermen

* Mercy had the info blasted into her brain towards the end of the episode, and she was given all the knowledge of infinity and the time vortex. The doctor even comments minutes later that she is the cleverest person on the planet. Seconds after that he sends her to another planet. That's an awful lot of characterisation to invest in someone for literally 5 minutes of screen time - unless there is some future recurrence for the character

* The cybermen had got to Victorian England using stolen Dalek technology which enabled time travel. Mercy may still have that technology, or being a genius could simply invent it

Ok, there's a load of questions unanswered - such as "how come she now looks like Alex Kingston?" - but whoever River Song turns out to be, a lot of the explaining will inevitably be done in series 6.

Whatever happens, I'd like River to be a baddie, who has become an ally - it would be pretty cool if every time we meet her in future you don't know whether it is good River or bad River.

Finally, the next time we meet River she will be the youngest she has been so far. Should be interesting...

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