E12: The Pandorica Opens *SPOILERS*

silvanthalas - Posted on 19 June 2010

Daleks, and Cybermen, and Sontarans, and Autons, and so many others, oh my. Using the Autons in such a fashion was completely unexpected; I loved it. But man, poor Rory, apparently still dead then.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this one overall. The opening was damn good, and I never felt the episodes dragged or anything. So I *hope* the second part - which I won't see for 2.5 weeks due to an impending vacation - doesn't disappoint.

There were so many great bits and lines in this story though. It was certainly written with the long-time Whovian in mind. Little bits of comedy, little bits of creepy/scary. Very well done.

And seconds before it happened, my wife guessed that the Doctor was going INTO the Pandorica, rather than somebody or something coming OUT OF the Pandorica. My thought was that it was the Doctor who would come out, one way or the other. It's certainly a nice twist.

Still, I think there's a player behind this yet to be revealed - whomever is saying that silence is falling in the TARDIS. Whomever has tricked the others into allying against the Doctor. I just have no idea who that would be.

And no trailer!?

I really enjoyed this episode, it was one of the better ones of the season. I didnt see the Rory/Roman twist happening. so that was a decent surprise. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens in next week's episode. 


i do have a feeling that Amy will be the key to opening the box to get the Doctor out. It won't be adult Amy though, but the young Amilia. As it's been stated many times on the past few Podshocks, We hear the TARDIS come back to her when she was little. My guess what we heard was River Song going back to get Amilia to open the Pandorica to save the Doctor


No idea who the voice would be though. maybe an evil version of the Doctor, Maybe Devros? its too up in the air at the moment to tell

CitizenD's picture

I really enjoyed this episode. It was a wallop of a fifty minute episode. We were treated to a wild Pre-Title sequence. I think this is an incredible script.  I do have to say I saw the purpose of the Pandorica fairly early on but that by no means  detracted from my enjoyment of the episode.  


  I agree that young Amelia is the key to freeing the Doctor.  I also agree that There is another actor, manipulating Daleks, Cybermen et al. I am going to throw out some random speculation. If there is an old school villain behind it it has to be one who hates the universe.  I have heard some people mention Davros. While Davros is nihilistic enough. He is too single minded to pull off this stunt and besides I do not think that Davros can mess with the Tardis like we have seen in this episode. 

  Therefore, I present to you, my vote for the big bad guy... None other than Omega. he lives in the anti matter universe and hates this one enough to want to destroy everything in it... anyway that is the best i can come up with.

Pleased would he have been to learn it's fate who wrought it slowly long ago when the Dunedain were young and chief among their foes was the dread Witch-Realm of Angmar and it's Sorcerous King.

Once more I forgot I couldn't paste and copy so whatever. Copy and paste. This sucked. My review is on DOCTOR WHO ONLINE and GALLIFREY BASE. There's so much wrong iwth this story I can't retype my entire view but also Matthew Smith sucked in this and I've been his biggest supporter. Really. I have. I like him as the Doctor but in several scenes of this he was awful. Also: this is leftovers from ROSE and other stories. More on easier to paste n copy web sites.

One thing: that pre credit title sequence spends over 11 minutes having the characters sending a message to the DOctor that...he already knows! And we knew it, too. TOtally boring. Lame. 

Is there anything you like about Doctor Who?  I've seen you comment a lot and not one has been positive...


There are still a lot of questions unanswered, yes.  That's Good thing.  I've read a lot of interviews - everyone who has already seen the finale says that everything looks impossible and ridiculous at the end of Pandorica, but Moffat pulls it off.  I think (except for Smith's acting) the shortcomings you see in this episode aren't actually shortcomings, but surprises waiting to be unsprung.

Have you seen my ten points out of ten for THE LODGER, AMY'S CHOICE,  TIME OF THE ANGELS, VAMIPRES OF VENICE, and a 9 for the Silurians part one?

This season sure has sucked and gets a 55 out of 100 overall but I also liked a lot of the 2005 to 2009 seasons, but the Xmas stuff sucked (except for the very first one, the Xmas Invasion). If you don't like what i say don't read any of my posts. And for docs 1-4 I liked almost every story bar one or two for each Doctor. Once we get to Davison though...not that any Doc is a bad actor, it's never their fault, it's the fault of the scripts. 


Without a doubt, the end scene of this episode was the most beautiful piece of television I have seen since Tennant's "breakdown" in the End of Time.  Just glorious, heartbreaking and horrible and fantastic at once.  It seems worthy of the Doctor's real end - like if BBC wanted to put an end to the series, how treacherously poetic would it be to have him "lose" to "save" the universe?  And by his enemies, no less.  It feels like it's over and resolved... which is no doubt going to make next week's episode MIND BLOWING :D

I thought this was a fantastic episode. When I first heard the rumors that the finale was going to filled with all these enemies I felt a little uneasy feeling that with something like that was just going to get absurd but it all came to together well. The Auton twist was just brilliant I thought.
I just realized that I don’t think anyone has seen anything from the Big Bang. I’ve gone through and looked at all of the trailers but all of the clips have been accounted for. We didn’t even get a trailer at the end of this one. It’s going to be a long week and hopefully all of our questions will be answered.




I felt the same way!  I thought it was going to be like Journey's End, with all the spin off characters and weird stuff... just messy.  But this came together perfectly. Moffat, you amaze me :)

Things I liked about this episode:-

  • River Song's cleavage
  • Amy getting shot (I hope she stays dead!)
  • River Song dressed as Cleopatra (who is in Egypt. And is dead.)
  • "Fresh off the wrist of a young time agent...I said OFF the wrist!"
  • River Song in leather pants filmed from behind
  • The Cyberhead splitting open and showing the skull...should have terrifed several thousand kids!
  • "This is the royal collection and I'm the bloody Queen!'
  • River Song on a horse

Things I didn't like about this episode:-

  • Having to wait until next week to see more of River Song.

Paul S. Mabley B.Sc.(Hons), MA

South Shields, England / Kitchener, Canada



Troy Baker's picture

WOW! Where do we go from here! We have River Song trapped in the TARDIS, Amy has been shot by a replicant Rory and is dying in his arms and the Doctor himself is trapped in the pandorica. If that wasn't enough we see that galaxies are exploding into nothingness. How are we going to get out of this?


We have many of the Doctor's enemies joining forces to stop the Doctor from destroying everything but he's not causing all this - it appears to be the TARDIS doing all the damage.


The travel down memory lane in the beginning had River traveling through the Doctor's past Journeys was a bit of fun, but all that was there to get the painting so she could warn the Doctor.


I was particularly excited to hear the listing of races from River Song when she checks the transmissions from Stonehenge. The list includes races we haven't heard from in quite a while from the 'classic' series and new adventure books. We have listed Daleks, Cybermen, Sontaran, Terileptil, Slithen, Chelonians, Nestene, Drahvins, Sycorax, (?)Hemogog(?) (a new race we haven't seen?), Zygon, Atraxi, Draconian. and later on we actually see other races not mentioned  in the list (Silurians, Judoon, etc. - what a collection. I just was hoping that we would have 'classic' cybermen instead of 'Pete's world' cybermen.


The memory of Amy has some unsettling connotations, how can the things in Amy's life be in a child's book? Did anybody notice that the wedding dress was missing from Amy's room when River Song was checking out her room? All these things seem to from a child's perspective.


What was the voice coming from the TARDIS - is it being controlled by some other force or is the TARDIS doing these things on it's own? That voice sounds a little familliar.


So many question need answering and I wonder how they are going to be resolved in the finale. Too bad there wasn't a trailer to preview the show but it probably would have given away too much but there is a trailer on the BBC website here:


...and as usual it's region-locked - so I haven't seen it yet.


If anybody can find a copy of this that's not region-locked please let us know.



BTW: I gave this eepisode a 4 / 5

That trailer is just a rehash of clips from The Pandorica Opens, so nothing new. But I did find this preview clip, don't watch if you don't want spoilers:



Troy Baker's picture

Thanks for the post with the preview clip.

This one I had seen before and it did give away a bit, but I think that clip is going to be early in the episode and a lot could happen before the end.

I wonder how 'Replicant Rory' is still fighting the Nestene control for this long? Could his stolen conciousness and memories really be that strong?


BTW: I think I've found the trailer for the next episode. If it's not please let me know, but I think this is the one:

Doctor Who The Big Bang Preview Trailer

Good start for the final story of the season.

- Interesting concept for the Pandorica box...not terribly surprising that it was for The Doctor, but still cool.  Given Moffat's history of timey-wimey stories, I half expected Matt Smith to walk out of the box when it opened, from some future timeline.

- When River put together the clues about Amy at her house, I was starting to wonder if that Dream Master dude was at it again, or maybe that they had never truly escaped from him the 1st time around.  I hope this all wasn't a dream...

- Nice to see Rory back.  Would've been nicer if The Doctor had thanked him.  After all Rory did save the Doctor's life at the cost of his own.

- One drawback of the story is that I found myself not paying attention as much as I had all these theories going through my mind about the contents of the box.

- Not sure I believe that all these villains would band together to stop The Doctor, but it's a change from the norm so I'll go with it.

4 out of 5

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