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brett25 - Posted on 17 June 2010

I have recently found my way back to Doctor Who.  As a kid, both me and my dad use to watch Tom Baker and Peter Davison's Doctor on PBS in the States.  Over the past year and a half I have found my way to the new series, but have also become reacquainted with the classic series from my youth.

Does anyone have any suggestions of classic Dr. Who that is either a must own or a must see? 



Brett from SLC, UT


By the way I did see the Paul McGann movie in 8 ten-minute installments on youtube, since there is a lot of references to that movie on the Podshock Podcast.

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I have been watching all the stories in order over the past 18 months (currently on Shada) and can recommend the following from the first 4 Doctors. These are the best of the stories currently available on DVD in the US. Number are my ranking.

1st Doctor
4. The daleks (part of the beginning Box set)
1. The Dalek Invasion of Earth
2. The Romans
3. The War Machines
5. The Time Meddler

2nd Doctor
1. Tomb of the Cybermen
3. The Seeds of Death
2. The Invasion

3rd Doctor
2. Spearhead from Space
4. The Seadevils
3. The Three Doctors
5. Carnival of Monsters
1. The Green Death

4th Doctor
6. Robot
3. The Ark in Space
2. Genesis of the Daleks
5. Pyramids of Mars
4. The Brain of Morbius
1. The Talons of Weng-Chiang
7. The Horror of Fang Rock
8. City of Death

There are many other great stories, which are not yet available on DVD (some are lost on video and only available on Audio, Try

1st Doctor CD audio
1. Marco Polo
2. The Dalek Masterplan

2nd Doctor CD audio
2. The Evil of the Daleks
1. The Enemy of the World

Hope this helps. I'll let other suggest the best 5th, 6th & 7th Doctor Stories since it is a while since I watched them.


Thank you very much, I appreciate your input and recommendations.  I am looking forward to finding these episodes and viewing or listen to them.  The rankings are very helpful, since I use to enjoy talking about the episodes with my dad as a kid, and I like to see and hear what others say.

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With the 'classic' series I've been basing my choices on how fondly I remember them - not by a standard of how good or bad the stories really are. Stories that are 'lost' have been omitted from this listing.
For the 1st Doctor (William Hartnell) my choices are:
The Daleks / The Expedetion (first appearance of the Daleks)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Best Dalek story in this era)
The Aztecs (Barbara tries changing history)
The Time Meddler (The Meddling Monk - 'nuf said)
The War Machines - (Ben and Polly's first story)
The 2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton) I choose these simply because that's all the complete stories that exist:
The Dominators
The Mind Robber
The Krotons
The Seeds of Death
The War Games
The rest were lost in the 'Great Wipe' when the BBC was cleaning out their video library so they could reuse the tapes for other shows. There are better stories that have been wiped - that we'll probably never see again (unless you get a re-construction).
For the 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee) I choose these:
The Silurians (The title says it all)
Inferno (alternate Liz Shaw and Brigadier)
Terror Of the Autons (Master's first appearance)
The Three Doctors (A reunion show is like a family homecomming)
Planet of the Spiders (Jon Pertwee's final story)
For the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker), I choose:
Robot (Tom Baker's first story)
Genesis of the Daleks (Introduction of Davros)
Pyramids of Mars (Sutek)
Robots of Death (I just love those robots)
The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Leela's education' and the giant rat)
Logopolis (Tom Baker's final story)
For the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison):
Castrovalva (Peter Davison's first story)
Kinda (The Mara and the examination of other relegions)
Snakedance (The return of the Mara)
The Five Doctors (A good family reunion)
The Caves of Androzani (Peter Davison last story)
For the 6th Doctor (Colin Baker):
Attack of the Cybermen (The Cybermen)
Vengance on Varos (Peri 's transformation into a bird)
The Two Doctors (again the reunion idea - but just two friends returning)
Revelation of the Daleks (Daleks - 'nuf said)
The Mysterious Planet (The best story in the "Trial of a Time Lord" season)
For the 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy):
Rememberance of the Daleks (Ace's first full story and Daleks)
Silver Nemesis (The Cybermen)
Battlefield (return of the Brigadier (not counting Mawdryn Undead))
Ghost Light (Ace Faces her fears about a place from her past)
The Curse of Fenrick (just because...)
That gives you the 5 favorite for each Doctor from my personal choices. As you can see I gave my reasons for each story in parenthesis after each title and I hope you find this to be of some use.

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