Critics Not Entirely Blown Away By MacGruber

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arbinjames - Posted on 11 June 2010

There had been MacGruber movie rumors for a while, and now it is in theaters. The parody of MacGyver by Saturday Night Live has not been a hit with critics so far, but it has been a fan favorite. At the theaters, it will be competing with Shrek Forever After, the fourth and last of the series. The reviews for both have been lukewarm.

Article Resource: MacGruber hits theaters, fails to blow minds of critics

MacGruber hits the big screen

After numerous appearances on television, including some famous Super Bowl spots, MacGruber is finally hitting the large screen. Oddly enough, one of the other films opening stars Mike Meyers, an SNL alumnus, in the quest for cash today from the box office. The MacGruber character parodies action heroes from the 1980s, complete with mullet. Granted, the target audience may be too young to remember MacGyver, or John Carpenter’s masterpiece They Live. Kurt Loder is not amused, though the Rotten Tomatoes page on MacGruber gives it a rating slightly over 50 percent.

No a lot more Shrek sequels forever after Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After is the fourth Shrek film, and it will be the last. It is another sequel, and Rotten Tomatoes gives it just over a 50 percent rating also. Sequels can very easily deflate a series, though some franchises are just lame in the crib to begin with. (For example, Transformers.) It does have 3D going for it though. At least it might have good visuals, or Mise En Scene, as they say.


Chances are we already know what we're in for with MacGruber, as we've all seen the MacGruber trailer by now. It could be lowbrow, but it may be funny. There are precious few SNL movies that are worth watching. Shrek has the 3D to rely on. Something can look great, but if it’s a lousy movie, it is still a lousy movie. Unfortunately, most people think that 3D makes anything great.



Kurt Loder

Rotten Tomatoes

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