Doctor Who Adventures "City of the Daleks" Ready for Download.

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 03 June 2010

The computer game, which was introduced as "The Doctor Who Adventures" earlier this year has now been released.  There are a couple of sore points, 1: IT IS AS WE EXPECTED GEO-LOCKED, that means if you are not resident in the UK you can't access it. 2: WINDOWS VERSION ONLY, the Mac version is due on the 15th of July. and most Importantly 3: IT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD, but your going to have to lay out your hard earned cash for it.  I suspected this part but as the BBC now has to show responsibilty for it's earnings since the change of government in the UK this was no surprise to me.

No I really don't think the new Government has anything to do with why the rest of the world has to pay.  It's because even to us in the UK it's not free, we all have to pay for our TV Licence and that's what has funded this.  We're not getting it free but we just don't have to pay at the source when downloading.

I'm sure that many overseas fans will get this via "other means" but if you like it and you want more in future and if its reasonibly priced I would urge you to pay for a copy to show there is a demand.


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I am an Ex-pat.  That means I know how the BBC is funded as I paid the Same Licence fee my self.

1. City of the Daleks is free in the UK.  They do not ask you to pay any EXTRA fee on top of the Licence fee or require your licence fee Number, and if you don't have a TV, or if your a Student, or a child then you don't pay it anyway.

2. Outside of the UK there is no allowance to allow you to pay to use the Service, which is convienently described as a Rights Issue.  In most Country's there is some branch of BBC Worldwide, so long as it's licenced to them they can Distribute it to thier Counterparts BBC Germany or BBC America are examples.

3. It is well known that the BBC Bosses are underpressure to Curb thier OPEN LUNCH way's.  As one of David Camerons election points was BBC FUNDING-

4. I don't like it being whined about that you HAVE to pay an licence fee for the BBC, I pay a Licence fee Here in Germany for the Nationally run channels and it is Compulsary, so it is not only the UK that does this.  I was Pointing out the Pit falls in trying to get hold of this content for anybody living outside of the UK.  Plus if the BBC is to Survive then a change of mangement would aid the BBC to a greater Degree, and shows like Doctor Who as an example wouldn't suffer from Budget Cuts. 

and Finally 5. The Government has everything to do with the BBC because it's the Government who decided if the BBC are allowed to charge a Licence fee or not.

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