Jamie and the 6th Doctor Pt 2 or Nights Black Agents/Wreck of the Titan

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 02 June 2010

Anyone remembering my review of City of Spires will recall that I promissed to review all the Releases in this Series of Sixth Doctor and Jamie  Stories.

Nights Black Agents, finds the Doctor and Jamie travelling back to the Tardis after thier adventures in "City of Spires"   And noticing that the countryside around them is slowly changing but not to Jamies knowledge of how it should be.  Nights Black Agents, like all companion Chronicles is a single disk adventure.  Featuring Just the Companion and one other Character but never the Doctor, and up to now was the only way you could experience new Doctor Who stories for the First three Doctors.  Nights Black Agents is part of the "Trilogy" and is a Nice enough story but it is Doctor Who by Numbers, the High point being Frazer Hines as Jamie even though in a Slightly different Characterizeation than we are used to.

The Wreck of the Titan on the other hand is a full cast 2CD production and it took me two listenings to grasp the Story, because unfortunately you have to listen the first time to the end, so you can go into second listening with the right Mind Set.  Because the conclusion makes more sence of the Story.

The Wreck of the Titan finds the Doctor and Jamie landing on what the Doctor thinks is the RMS Queen Mary, but upon inspection of a noticeboard Jamie reveals that they are actually on the Titanic.  Through out the story there are changes turns and mystery and a reveal that will excite all fans of the Second Doctor such as my self.  And as such requires two listenings because of the Twists and turns and detail placed through out the story, and only the reveal makes any sense of it.  Leaving you with an open mouthed Oh! at the end.  The cast is splendid not just Frazer and Colin, but Alexander Siddig of Star Trek DS9 makes appearance, but I shall not say who his character is as it WILL spoil the story.

So I am looking forward to the conclution next month for two reasons, 1. Cybermen my favourite monsters. But more importantly 2. Wendy Padbury, yes Zoe returns!  so I'll have to see how that turns out.

I must say I like the rapport between Jamie and the 6th Doctor BUT the stories are poorly plotted, terribly boring and predictable and just downright awful. This current trio of stories plus the Comp Chronicle may have put be off from listening to these for good. They are THAT bad.   

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