Audio: Shadows of the Past (spoilers?)

Chase - Posted on 14 May 2010

I gave this a 6/10 and wrote a fuill review on DOCTOR WHO ONLINE and GALLIFREY BASE. I tried to copy and paste but that still doesn't work on this site. The thing is nice at the start and full of UNIT error visuals believe it or not and some spark and flair but really it's filled with cliches: the double alien who creates a copy of the Doctor, an alien that kills UNIT men and seems a bit like the horrid disgusting and fully realized monsters from the movie THE MIST, a crashed spaceship, the Doctor seemingly betraying Earth, and the double in the same room as the Doc (Shoot Spock! BUt if you must shoot, you must shoot both of us to save the Enterprize!), the noble self sacrifice...and the one thing that might liven it up, the twist at the end involving UNIT man/boy Robin. Which makes the whole thing seem a bit NIGHT GALLERY. Caroline Johns does a great job though reading this.   

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