Chase - Posted on 07 May 2010

There is a reason these stories were never made. Okay there is some terrific imagery and Nicola Bryant shines, for once, in comedic bits as she tries to impersonate the queen and does a funny job of it. All the pieces seem rather grand and entertaining....only as a whole they're not much really. Colin doesn't really shine but as always he's rather good; the cast is good but the characters are boring. It really doesn't work as a historical because like Bryant says in the interview, it should make me do what she says she used to want to do when looking at a historical...find out more about this person or that time period reallly doesn't. I have to admit I don't really know who or what Kit Marlow was. There are bits that seemed like another recent audio where the Sixth Doctor went into a limbo...and he does that here, too, and we get a possession again and we get an undying HIGHLANDER like figure of a villain. A fair setting. And something like three climaxes. all just hangs there to be honest and does not really work much. It's not terrible but not great either. DW should always be something...great and to be honest, it's just not.

Oh and BIG FINISH, STOP thse annoying sound effects and sound distortions on the interviews. The audience can tell when you are changing people being interviewed wthout needing the annoying BLEEPS LSDEEEP BU DOP A DOOPDBEELSSLEEP! And then having someone say their name as if they are INSIDE a jet engine..."I'm FAARRRRAAAGGAHHHH cola BryanWOOOOOSSSHHHH.  and I play Peri."  GEEEBEEE PDAAAAH DUBBB ABOOBLEEPP DO WOP.    

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