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TheUnearthlyPodcast - Posted on 03 May 2010


I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to plug my new podcast, The Unearthly Podcast. I'm a first time podcaster, but a big time Doctor Who fan!

At the moment I'm running things on a low cost (basically free!), to see if...
1) I enjoy doing it.
2) People listen.

Therefore, the website is on blogger -

You can email me/or the show (it is a one man show) at

Here is the link to the third podcast which is a review of Victory of the Daleks

Previous Episodes available...
A Review of the Beast Below
A Review of the Eleventh Hour

Enjoy, and thanks again!

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Podcast #4 is live, for The Time of Angels. In this podcast I cover the overall reception of the episode, River Song, the Weeping Angels, the continued excellence of Matt Smith and much more.

Download Podcast #4


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Podcast #5 is ready to download! In this podcast, I cover the revelations around "Flesh and Stone", the (not quite) latest episode of Doctor Who. Podcast #5 includes the mystery of the crack being revealed, more on the awesomeness of Matt Smith and just how good the Weeping Angels are!

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My podcast for The Vampires of Venice is now live and ready to download. In this podcast I cover overall reactions to the show, is Rory just another Mickey, how I've had enough of vampires and aliens disguised as humans, more answers to the crack, and a whole bunch more crammed into one awesome 30 minute podcast.

Download Podcast #6

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