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Idiom - Posted on 19 April 2010

Jo Grant to  return in the Sarah Jane Adventures! Probably with more than Dalek to cover her modesty!



I'll buy that for a dollar!

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Probably already been mentioned but the 11th Doctor will be appearing in the same story as Jo Grant... Written by RTD (his first full script for SJA since co-writing the pilot "Invasion of the Bane"). Looks like he couldn't resist writing for Matt Smith's Doctor!!!

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Katy Manning with A New Series Dalek (and Georgia Moffat) at Galifrey 21


Here is Katy at this year's Gallifrey with a Dalek hiding her modesty (oh and Georgia Moffat too)

That could be good...or it could be gimmicky and hokey

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Could go either way! Time will tell... it always does!!!

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