The Eleventh Hour: SPOILERS!!!!

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Idiom - Posted on 03 April 2010

I won't write too much today and spoil this for anybody but I will say that it was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The best first episode of a series since the series came back. I love Matt Smith. My daughter is in love with Matt Smith. Steven Moffat is a genius.I'm so happy that I don't have to wait three months for the next episode. Only seven days away. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!

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What a fun first episode. Everything has changed, but it is all the same. This was a great start to the new series, and I can't wait for next week. It looks like the ideas for the Doctor to shape a companion idea for the first series with Rose ("red bicycle when you were twelve") that was abandoned was done in an amazing way by Steven Moffat. I would have been worried about the idea during series one, but in series five, Moffat at the helm it turned out brilliantly.

Oh, and all the clues for the future of this series and the series trailer at the end, have just amped me up for this series.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

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Moffat is already amping up the creepy factor...



Okay so there's this scientist on Earth played by Patrick...oh no, no not that 11th Hour? Oh dear. Never mind.


No okay. It's easy to trash the first story of the 11th Doctor but at the same time it's hard to like it. I must say that Matt Smith is brilliant, I already like him, he's much better than Tennant, even though David was a GREAT actor at times, at others he simply seemed to be saying the lines and acting all Davidey...Matt Smith is a natural flowing actor who really seems like he IS the Doctor. IMO he's already differentiating himself from David's Doctor...with NO help from Scott's shakey script. Moffat is still writing for Tenth Doctor, bless him. I don't think Moffat really knows the Doctor. Oh, he knows how to write good stories and unfortunately this is not one of them and he knows a fair creepy tale but he doesn't really know the hearts of the Doctor. 

Smith's Doctor at first reminded me of Davison's Doctor as he ramps up the sideways TARDIS, breathless, holding wires, rambling on and on but it is Troughton he reminds me of most with a very small bit of Pertwee in there and of course thanks to the script and Moffat (same thing really) alot of Tennant. Now, it can be argued that there's that bit of Tennant left over and tha'ts leaving but...tha'ts  a lame excuse for not giving us ALL this Doctor this time out but it can be  overlooked.

What cannot be overlooked is that this is like a best of TWILIGHT ZONE and worst of too. We get LITTLE GIRL LOST and the eye monsters....that's right giant eye monster aliens from BLACK LEATHER JACKETS. Then we get Moffat's best of from his own stuff: people in beds acting creepy (only unlike in THE EMPTY CHILD there's no reason here--and oh, why are they calling for the Doctor), a little girl who has a crack in her wall (short stories and the Sally Sparrow saga as well as maybe BLINK), and "duck".

ANd uhm, excuse me Mr. Time Traveler, you're a time traveler things like this happen to you all the time, shouldn't you be aware of it and not blaming it on others? Okay he's still in regen crisis but it doesn't seem like it...and that brings me to the big problems with this, erm, "story": no sense of urgency. Say what you want about RTD's era (and I have) it had a sense of urgency even in the worst of stories (Hello JOURNEY'S END). Oh, there's alot of rushing around, a lot of last minute deadlines (that we dn't really believe will be deadlines), a lot of great action music, fire engines, blasts, and erhm, giant eye spaceships over, London (Is it London?) but frankly I felt I could tune out cause I knew how it would all end. Part of that, a large part of that is RTD's regime's fault...they went to that well once too often. Oh, Earth in danger again. That MIGHT work on a show like BUFFY but it does not work here in DW. Moffat should have known better than to do another Earth in danger story. When everyone's standing around pointing cell's just boring rather than tense as it CHRISTMAS INVASION was. In fact, this is a very poor remake of CHRISTMAS INVASION only the super hero, excuse me, the Doctor has no excuse for not acting faster and sooner...he's not laid up for this story but maybe he should have been.

Oh and the snake monster lady/ladies and dog and man just...well, stand around while the Doc, Rory, and Amy ALL have hugely long conversations, pass out, recover, and talk to each other. The alien/s just stand around waiting for them to finish as opposed to...say, killing them! No real sense of danger or urgency again. And wait for it: we have aliens ready to destroy Earth to capture or stop their prisoners! Gosh darn that's unoriginal. OUTER LIMITS anyone. SPACE : 1999 anyone? SARAH JANE SMITH anyone. Please get a plot, Mr. Moffat.

With all of that, the ep is far far too long and not enough story or even dialog to fill it up. Add to that, people have commented about Rory being dumb...but I don't see that. I saw a man who was up on what was going on from almost the start...and he's far smarter than Amy...who's really thick and uninspiring. She's not even a good carbon copy of Rose. SHe's not poor like Mel or as annoying but she's just sort of there, almost a fixture in the TARDIS...which btw looks awful, like someone threw up bits of the old ones and mixed liberally with a lot of junk and off coloring. Yeah, Rory AND Jeff would make great companions, better than Amy...

I also couldn't hear a lot of dialog. What was it the Doc said to the old lady (who was she anyway?) about some guy and jewels and slept in? What did he mean? What was that whole story? Another reference to  historical characgter the Doc knew in the past? Can someone tell me? Speak up, Doc next time!         

I'm not inspired by the scenes to the next few eps either. I should be. I'm not. It's hoaxy, poorly done, gimmicky, and I don't care about invading Sea Devil/Silurians, more Daleks, more Cybermen, more vampires, or that dame from the library who might be the all looks very very boring.    

Anyway Matt Smith deserved a better TARDIS, a better theme song (look if you wanna mess up the perfectly fine theme song as it was, then why not change it---change is not always good---back to any of the others from the past 30 years...they're all better than this garbage), a better companion, a better start story (and I dn't buy the start stories have to be lame to introduce everything...they have to be better!), and a better script. HE's GREAT and I"m sure will be a great Doctor but if the stories don't CHANGE, if the situations don't become different or even smaller in smaller stories that we can care about the characters (love her or hate her, I cared about Rose, I cared about Donna, I cared about Wilf and Mickey and Martha, right from the start. I don't care about Amy one bit and for a comp that started out meeting the Doctor as a girl--we've never had that...oh wait we did in GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE, another Moffat greatest should work better. Maybe it will as the season drags on. I also don't give a hoot about the waveforms' vague references will happen or it is happening....cracks in the universe caused by you, Time Lord...the Mandragora Helix is back. Or something.

This has to get better. As someone said above or elsewhere and I said months ago, they are afraid to experiment, to fail, to change the show where it counts. So they stick with what gets ratings. And it's sad, pathetic and unartistic. And that's what this show has become or at least this 65 min. Again, I love MATT SMITH and the possbilities...and DW is NOT a fairy tale. It can be that sometimes.

That fairy tale quality permeated this story and frankly in fairy tales, people assume or don't have to react to the fact that a fox can talk, that a wolf can take grandma's place...and in DW there's a small spot for that but here, people don't react to things they should to at all...if they do, it's for a comedic laugh. ANd to react with bewilderment is also not gonna work...cause thanks to RTD every one on Earth should know about's not new to them so it's not new to us and they and we have seen it all before. And that sums up this entire story: seen it all before and better there.


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I REALLY miss David! He is by far my favorite Doctor to date, with Eccleston in 2nd place. Matt was okay. I sort of felt like I was watching a totally different show. I think they could have tied more of the previous series in to this episode that would have made it more Doctor Whoish. I think it would have been "Fantastic" if they would have made Matt have a craving for bananas, and then had him try pears since David obviously hated pears! Also, I think when Amy went into the TARDIS for the first time I think it would have been hilarious if she said "It's bigger on the inside". These little things would helped me feel a little less like I was watching a whole new show, and more like I am just seeing a new version of the same old Doctor.

I like Amy as a companion, I think the attitude she gives the Doctor is going to keep him in line. She seems like one of the stronger companions. Rose was more of an equal with the Doctor personality wise, and Martha seemed to be more of an equal as far as intelligence is concerned. Donna was thick headed and seemed to give the Doctor grief, but at the end of the day, she pretty much just did whatever he said. I think Amy will be a little bit more defiant.

I love the new DW logo. I think it's awesome! Although, I am not very fond of the theme music, but maybe it needs to grow on me more. I think this series is going to be good. I am looking forward to seeing what is yet to come. I did watch this episode twice, to give myself a better feel for the Doctor and the new layout. Matt Smith wasn't what I pictured for the doctor. All of the Doctors have all been older looking (in their 30's) and Matt just seems too young for my taste. But, I am going to keep an open mind.

When I first started watching the new series in 2005 I said that I loved Eccleston and he was my favorite Doctor, then when Tennant became the Doctor my first instinct was "I DON'T LIKE HIM" but, after spending 3 seasons with him, I was crushed when I heard he was leaving. I didn't want him to leave, and he had quickly become my favorite Doctor. So, I am going to keep watching and see just what Matt has up his sleeves.


BTW what's with Geronimo? Is this his new catch phrase? If so, I think I like "Fantastic" and "Allons-y" better!

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Why is this the "real" review? 

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... but overall I thought it was a great episode. I did have some minor problems, mostly involving the CGI and the editing style, and it didn't seem at all like a Moffat written episode. I loved Matt's Doctor, and thought he did a great job with the regeneration crisis. Also, I loved Amy a lot more than I thought I would. It definitely has me excited for next week!



- C!

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I liked this first episode a lot. It had a nice 'village green' feel of the classic series, but with an evil alien presence. I absolutely LOVED the open acknowledgement that the TARDIS is a world in a box and not just a console room. The mention of the library and the swimming pool was fantastic and I really hope this means that we will see much more of the TARDIS interior than we have in the RTD era.

The introduction to Amy Pond was lovely and the time travel problems were funny and also a nice way to bring the Doctor back to the bumbling character of the classic series ... I always felt that Doctors 9 and 10 had far too much control over when/where the TARDIS travelled.

I only have three noteworthy problems with this episode:

1) Alien menaces that just stand still, staring, for long periods of time and growling, but with no sense of actual threat (which suprised me given Moffat's talent for writing tense stories).

2) the TARDIS console being made of bits of earth technologies like typewriters. Why? It's a ship from another world, why not have wonderfully alien controls that reference earth bits and bobs, but not actual objects and devices - far too HG Wells for my taste.

3) The music. I've never been a huge fan of Murray Gold's bombastic orchestral scores. I was listening to a lovely BBC Radio 4 documentary last week on the work of Delia Derbyshire and I just wish the new series had tried to move away from big brash Hollywood style 'music for a film' and played around with some more eerie and other-worldly sounds that paid tribute to the very first series. The THEME TUNE in particular is surprisingly noisy and the original melody of the Doctor Who signature tune is almost unrecognisable. Not a problem in itself, but its a shame that the new theme tune is so forgettable.

Definitely 4/5 TARDIS groans. A great script, engaging characters and story, but some odd choices for set design and sound that I thought were very much an extension of the RTD era and not the radical shift away that I was expecting and hoping for.


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It really didn't seem like a Moffat penned episode at all, did it?

As far as the console goes, I think it makes sense. The Doctor LOVES the earth, and has spent a great deal of time there, so he'd probably bring in some tech that reminds him of it.

I love Murray Gold's scores for the past 5 series, I listen to them at least 3 times a week, but it did seem a little overbearing this go around. I hope they real him in a bit.


- C!

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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With the Steven Moffat era kicking off, for me New Who finally comes of age. This was a first episode that I finally want to watch again and has made me excited about what we have in store from the new series. Looking back New Earth, Smith and Jones and Partners in Crime all left me dissatisfied and always vaguely worried about what was to come. Even Rose didn’t affect me the way that I wanted to be affected the first time I saw it, but the Eleventh Hour was fun, confident enough to be self-referential, unpredictable and (this is what I love most about Moffat’s writing) the story actually made sense.


·         Matt Smith. Well, they’ve done it again haven’t they? Bloody brilliant. A friend of mine who has been bemoaning the departure of David Tenant over the last few months and saying that she didn’t really feel that Matt Smith looked like the Doctor, texted me after the show last night with just two words: David who? High praise indeed.

·         And Amy. I love Amy. A PHWOARR with capital letters. Anybody criticising the short skirts should immediately go and watch the Pertwee years. I notice they didn’t also criticise the fact that Matt Smith gets his top off. Anyway, back to Amy. We’ve still got time to get to know her, but I loved the idea that somebody could know the Doctor their whole life. That his appearance during childhood could change their whole outlook; could colour everything about them. It’s about time we had more use of the actual time-travel premise of the show. Amy was great.

·         Loved the food scene and the fact that it was the apple which twelve years later led to Amy finally realising that it was the Raggedy Doctor standing in front of her. As the Doctor tries the various food stuffs, my friend pointed out that he was just like Tigger (Tiggers like everything. Except for thistles. Tiggers don’t like thistles!) and I think that that is a very good comparison for this energetic, buoyant 11th Doctor.

·         Third new Doctor (just like third classic Doctor) finds his clothes in a hospital changing room. Loved the reference.

·         Patrick Moore! Fabulous.

·         Newly generated Doctor, no TARDIS, no sonic screwdriver and twenty minutes to save the world (Flash! I love you.). Loved it. We see the sheer genius of the time lord. I liked the fact that the computer virus (rather than being just a technobabble plot device) actually made sense – it did nothing but draw the aliens’ attention to the hospital.

·         I enjoyed the world as seen through the Doctor’s eyes.

·         New TARDIS. I’m not sure if I like it as much as the previous consoled room but I certainly don’t dislike it.

·         New music and title images. Liked the images – the lightning-battered TARDIS especially. Not sure about the music yet – the jury’s out and I need to hear it again. However, the fact that the only thing I might be criticising is the music speaks volumes.

Yes, a dark fairy tale quality indeed. I started the episode at 42 years old, finished at 8. I want to watch this again. I can’t wait til next week. For me, this is what all new who should have been like since its return. Ok, the plot wasn’t the most complex but if it had been (if it hadn’t done what it needed to do, which was to make us love the new Doctor and Amy)it would have detracted from what was important: the establishing of the new era. A very strong 8.5 out of 10 for me. The Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor!

This is the first episode I've seen in a very long time (maybe since "Blink") where I didn't have one complaint when we got to the end.

Loved the pace, loved that Amy was all over him for getting the dates wrong EVERY TIME (such a nice hint back at the classic series).  Matt's Doctor is a bit spastic (but then after watching the confidential, so is he) and that's kind of fun considering he's still "baking."

I had a big smile on my face for a while after watching the episode.  Cannot wait to hear what everyone says on the live show (love to participate, but I'm in charge of my first Easter dinner and cannot afford to be distracted!)


supremacy is relative

Overall, I liked it. Karen certainly has the wide-eyed look down. This was certainly an interesting twist on the how the companion became the companion, as well.

I still think the new theme rubbish though - it just doesn't seem like it's the Doctor Who theme any more.

Also, I'm not sure I want yet another series filled with premonitions, either. Maybe at least Moffat will pull it off better than RTD ever did.

The anticipated return of Doctor Who and the introduction of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. So what did I think… it was good. I really enjoyed it and there’s definitely potential.

Full Review:

Show Intro: Definitely a whole new feel all around. The swirling cloud vortex with lightning is kind of neat. The music is a huge throwback to the classic series’ themes and I kinda like that. Though I really liked the themes of the last few seasons. This is something new for the current series. Its just gonna take some time to get used to not having the strong intro music that we are used to. This is more laid back with a subtle sound. For the newer fans to the show who have not watched the classic series though I feel that they will not like this intro much.

The Episode: First thing, why is the Doctor hanging out of the TARDIS?? I dont get that. But moving on, I thought it was incredibly cute that Amelia (Amy) was praying to Santa. We know that the Doctor begins to crash land after his regeneration in the year 2005 (after saying bye to Rose). We don’t see the TARDIS slip into a time vortex so we can assume he crashes back to Earth in this year. Following that, Amy later in the 'season trailer' says that she is 7 years old here. (2005 = 7yrs old) From the start I am excited to hear the Doctor talking about new rooms in the TARDIS and the possibility that we will get to see them is so exciting. I thought the food tasting scene was funny just because we see the Doctor trying to learn who he is and what he likes or dislikes. Always a fun scene for a new Doctor. I thought young Amelia was cute in this scene. Well done. And when Matt says “Trust me, Im the Doctor,” I do. The way in which this line is said is perfect. I personally get the ‘Doctor’ feeling from him here. Well done, Matt. Tho I am not excited about the apparent new catchphrase if you will 'geronimo'. I'll wait and see how often he uses it and how but im not excited about it.

So now we flash forward 12 years. The year is now 2017 and Amelia (now Amy) is 19 years old. First off, loving Karen’s accent. Bring it on! I thought it was odd that Steven Moffat would use the 'imaginary friend from childhood' kind of story again to introduce the new companion as he used that in Season 2 - 'The Girl In The Fireplace'. But seeing the young Amelia was cute and you get a good feel for her personality through her younger self. The faulty sonic screwdriver here is a nice touch. You can see it struggling to work and it explains (as you see later when it shorts out and explodes) why the Doctor gets a new screwdriver. They aren’t just saying new Doctor, new screwdriver…poof – there it is. They give the old screwdriver a send off and its run ends (as a working screwdriver) with David Tennant. I also liked the Doctor talking to the screwdriver. Just feels right. I quite enjoyed the handcuffed scene because it shows us how 'human' the Doctor can be. He's not some alien who's going to break free from the handcuffs with strength or something. A simple set of handcuffs sidelined him for a few moments. In the next scene the Doctor saying “What…What…WHAT?” when he learns who Amy is was brilliant. Has that David Tennant feel at that moment.

The monster for this ep wasn’t the absolute greatest but he was subtle and that made up for it. So we didn’t have to see the eel thing the whole episode. I was surprised at the reaction, or lack thereof, that the Doctor gives at seeing his new appearance. But then again give him a break, he has other things on his mind at that moment. So I’ll let it pass. I liked the reference to the Shadow Proclamation and in this moment when we hear the Doctor say, “Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamtion, this is a fully established level 5 planet, and you were going to burn it...what? Did you think no one was watching, you lot? Back here. Now!” I fully get that ‘Doctor’ feeling from Matt. He starts showing his knowledge, compassion and his gusto as he stands up to the Etraxy (spelling?). I also laughed here as we see him getting his new outfit by pulling random clothes out of lockers as he marches up to the roof. I thought it was funny to see Amy googling at the Doctor as he changed but are we going to have another companion fall for the Doctor? Is that the new theme now? Moving on, I loved the rooftop scene. I thought it was fantastic and really embodied the whole feel of Doctor Who. I really liked the rooftop music which appears like it will be a reoccurring theme which is great. I thought it really worked for this rooftop stand off with its dramatic crescendo (build up). And although we saw something similar in ‘The Next Doctor’ (though I feel its used much better here in this episode and had more impact and meaning), I really liked that they had a scan of images of all ten previous Doctors and then had Matt walk through in his completed new outfit and say, “Hello. I’m The Doctor. … Basically, run.” This line was also delivered perfectly and again I thought Matt just fully encompassed the role here. Kudos. And again when he says, “Okay, what have you got for me this time.” to the TARDIS… fantastic. Its these simple lines that Matt is nailing and really making him feel like he owns the role.

Flash forward again, this time 2 years. The year is now 2019 and Amy is 21. The quick acceptance from Amy that the Doctor was from another planet and the invitation to Amy to join the Doctor was a little awkward in my opinion. Just didnt feel fluid. There was something about it that just poked me the wrong way. To hear Matt utter, “ooooh, oops,” is great just because you get to see that he’s a new Doctor re-learning the controls of his TARDIS. A new TARDIS. And I liked the reference back to 'Forest of the Dead' with the Doctor snapping his fingers to open the TARDIS doors. I like the new look and I love that we can see stairways into other parts of the TARDIS. Its almost a retro sort of look with all the new components that are in there; typewriter, pinball launcher, old style radio, hot/cold water knobs, ect. Will take some getting used to but I think it’ll be alright. I like the look of the new screwdriver and that it now has a green light at the end. Cute that the Doctor thanks the TARDIS for giving it to him saying, “Thanks, dear.” It keeps in mind that the TARDIS is a sentient piece of technology. I’m not sure how I feel about Amy getting married as a story element, or don’t even know if it will be one – but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Doctor’s new clothes: Though we’ve known the look for a while now my overall thoughts are that it’s kind of cool. Kind of. Wasn’t what I expected at first and the bow tie will take some getting used to. But hey – its not the worst outfit we’ve seen the Doctor wear. And you know which Doctor I am referring to. I like the jacket though with the black pants and boots. Good look.

Amy Pond: I really like her. She seems like she will be a great companion and doesn’t seem afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself. Love the accent and I think she is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see what she brings to the show.

Season Trailer: First off, how is Amy just hanging out of the TARDIS??? Moving on. Its great to see River Song return and I am sooo excited to see the Weeping Angels return. And we see a whole canyon path filled with them! Its interesting to see a Dalek in battle fatigues with pockets. What is a Dalek keeping in those pockets and how is it reaching in there??? And why does the Dalek have a Union Jack flaf printed on it? I’m excited to see the episode where it looks like the Roman army takes a part in. That’ll be cool. Then you have a disheveled Cyberman walking around which should be interesting. Epic space battles with Daleks ships…vampire-like women making appearances… things look like they’ll get good. Not sure how I feel about Amy’s boyfriend being a reoccurring character. We’ve had that before so I hope Steven Moffat does something new with it. I’m also anxious to see what part Bill Nighy gets in the show. I loved the moment where you see the Doctor gives two thumbs up and then it flashes to Amy giving them back but looking horrified. Ha! And lastly, the moment where Matt fires the gun… it doesn’t bother me. Not at all. Simply because we know nothing about the moment in which it happens. We don’t know why he’s firing it or who/what he is firing at. Too many possibilities to freak out about it now. I'll wait and see.

All in all I believe that this will be a brilliant season and cannot wait for the episodes to come!

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I HATE Allonsey, made the Doctor seem really....smaslthzy. I loved FANTASTIC and like Geronimo. For me, Matt WAS/IS the Doctor the moment I saw him and in this he seems more the Doctor than both CHris and David, both of whom I like/enjoy but Matt was just it for me. He saved this "story" or rather so called story from being a complete write off.  If the show is smart they will dump Amy...she's a kissogram for Pete's sake. How dumbed down is the companion now? We've had mathematicians, scientists, military men, reporters, pilots, sailors, teachers, spies...and now a kissogram? Amy also acted quite stupid throughout the story in many ways. but I've said all that already. A really poor story that lowered DW IMO. If they get the old TARDIS (either Chris's/David's or the Hartnell one), dump Amy and get a really good companion, preferably male this time or a male and a female couple, and get some good writers they might just save this poor quality show, maybe the ratings will stay high but the quality has already fallen. Eye in a crack indeed. Striaght out of the CRAWLING EYE, which was far scarier and far more serious.    

I'll be the first to admit I was wanting to hate 'The New Doctor' but from the very get-go Matt Smith has it nailed on! He is the 'old man in a young man's body' but also a sort of physical anarchy to his performance that made me smile...I can see elements of myself in him (my wife said the same, so I must be right!).

Not the strongest of stories but, as a season opener and regeneration episode it was up there on the pinnacle with Castrovalva. It just 'worked'.

Totally and utterly loved it. 

I see Chase didn't. Quelle Suprise!

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Castrovalva's one of the best.

An apple a day keeps the.....ah. No nevermind.

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I was really nervous about Matt Smith (I thought his first, brief appearance was poor - it's one of the very few things I've agreed with Chase on) but having just watched that I thought he was wonderful, and in the space of a single episode I've been won over. It took me an entire series to fully come to conclusion that DT was a great Doctor, Matt Smith is off to a flying start.  

I agree with Idiom (I think) who said it was the best first episode we've seen since the return of the show (and it's  easy to carried away in the heat of the moment, but right now I'd possibly go so far as to say that was even better than that first, magical Saturday night back in 2005). 

Loved the trailer at the end; didnt know James Corden was making a guest appearance in this series (I don't come here too much these days) and that looked like  a PROPER quarry!!  

A big fat 5 of 5 for me. 


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I thought it was brilliant! I like the new outfit, the new logo, the new console room, and even the music is pretty good. Also, Matt Smith removed any slight doubts I had. He IS the Doctor, and I'm looking forward to the next twelve Saturdays.

While David is one of my favorite Doctors. I think Matt Smith made a better first impression. I also like how he didn't sleep through most of this episode. conclusion The Eleventh Hour > The Christmas Invasion (although it's also a brilliant episode.)

An apple a day keeps the.....ah. No nevermind.

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I really enjoyed the new ep. I accepted Matt Smith as the Doctor immediately. And Amy Pond definitely brings the hotness. Granted, I've always had a thing for redheads. I'm never one for the in depth analysis of the shows. It either works for me or it doesn't. Usually if it doesn't a few things will stand out. This I pretty much enjoyed all the way through. I especially thought the mouths opening and showing the spiny alien teeth was very creepy. I'm not sold on the new console room yet, but it may grow on me. The monitor on the extender thing reminds me a little of the tube monitor in the 8th Doctor's console room. The pinball launcher seems a little extreme, and the typewriter looks cool but I'm assuming sometimes the Doctor will need to type in other languages. Whatever. Like I said, I enjoyed it. The new intro...haven't decided. The music didn't grab me, and the cloudy-lightning vortex looked a little goofy.

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I've been checking my iTunes and I've noticed that there is no download for this episode for the commentary. Did they stop doing them when Russell T. Davies left?

I know in the past, sometimes they would start a new commentary podcast feed for each new series. Perhaps it is on a new feed. I don't know why they do that, but the 2006 series was on one feed, the 2007 series was on another, and the 2008-2009 (AKA "series 4") was on yet another.

If someone knows of a new feed for the commentaries now, please share it here.

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I just came to post that exact same question. I've been checking my iTunes and haven't seen a podcast commentary yet either. I searched the iTunes store and don't see a new BBC podcast for the new series.


And while were at it, does the BBC website for Doctor Who no longer have the nice high-resolution desktop wallpapers in the gallery? I can't seem to find them.

I'm wondering the same, Troy. As of last night, there was no commentary for "The Eleventh Hour", nor for the new episode "The Beast Below".

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Two episodes down and no commentary - looks like they are not going to do them. Cry


I'm going to miss them, some of them gave really good insight as to some of the nuances that were in the stories.

Overall I liked it and was pleasantly surprised how well Matt did in his first adventure.  Quick shots:

- Thought the new intro was good.  Music was decent.  Still don't like the new logo, though.

- Enjoyed the scare factor, but thought it could've been better.  They don't seem to explain Prisoner Zero enough for me to really care about him/her/it.  It could've been right up there with Blink, and the whole "see it out of the corner of your eye", but it was a little short of that.  It also borrowed a lot from Girl in the Fireplace...which is a good story to take from, but not as original anymore.

- I don't like how they make him save the whole planet his first time out.  I think these grand heroics are best saved for finales and stories involving major intergalactic baddies.  What's wrong with just saving a handful of people like they used to do a lot in the classic series?  I just think it sets the bar too high and diminishes the impact of stories involving major villians.

- Loved the quick cameos of the other 10 Doctors.

- Amy Pond seems to be good companion material.  Independent, strong-willed, yet limited enough to need The Doctor to explain things to her.  Good looking doesn't hurt either.

- Was very surprised at Matt's performance.  He's a young actor that presented a character with an aura of authority and experience and pulled it off briliantly.  His wardrobe choice didn't bother me as it did some.  I was indifferent at his selection when he was announced as #11.  I didn't love it, but I certainly didn't hate it.  He probably wouldn't have been my first choice, but I wanted to keep an open mind and at least give him a shot.  And he executed terrificly (is that even a word?  it just sounds weird...)

- Not sure what to say about the new TARDIS interior.  We only really see the console, just as we did in the RTD era.  It doesn't look like terribly advanced technology.  It's got weird, old gadgets, and it is what it is basically.  I've got my fingers crossed that Moffat will take us deeper in the TARDIS at some point during his tenure.

- Probably the best 1st companion story in the new series.  Rose's first was boring.  The only thing I remember about Martha's first is the title.  And Donna's had those weird weight loss creatures.  Not a great accomplishment beating out those 3, but it did so easily.

- I will admit the preview at the end did nothing for me.  Daleks, unfortunately, have been overused.  Cybermen are not as interesting as their classic counterparts.  I'm very nervous about how the Weeping Angels story will come across - will they be as good as in Blink?  Or will they go the route of the Ood and ruin their debut story?  But I'm keeping an open mind and hope there will be 1 or 2 standalone stories along the way that are 5-TARDIS-groan material.

- 3.5 out of 5 for me.

carriertone's picture

I've just watched it for a third time, and I have some new thoughts.

As far as the intro goes, I don't like the logo with the DW in the center, but I do like the DW turning into the spinning TARDIS. If they could show the words "Doctor Who", then have the rest of the letters fade out as the D and W come together in the middle and turn into the spinning TARDIS, that would be really cool.

I'm really glad they kept Murray Gold, as his scores are some of my favorite things ever, but his new theme tune will take some time to grow on me. As for the rest of his score, it seems a lot more amped up, like a lot of the rest of the new series.

I still love Matt Smith! He played a regenerating Doctor really well, with all of the zaniness and insanity that goes along with it. I can't wait to see him fully come into the role, as I think he will be even more brilliant! Definitely shades of Troughton, Tom Baker, and Tennant.

Amy's character is great, and her back story is sad but wonderful. We haven't had a companion this fleshed out in a long time. I don't care if she's a kissogram. In this economy you have to do what you can to pay the bills, right? Hell, I had to go back to Borders a third time, which I said I'd never do as I was miserable the last two times. But, a person's got to eat.

I really hope Rory doesn't become Mickey/The Tin Dog. Mickey had potential, that was totally wasted, and Rory could too if written properly.

Overall it was a good first episode. It's the first episode in a long time that I've watched more than once in the first week it has aired, and I think that's saying something.

I still think the CGI was a bit dodgy, and it didn't seem much like a Moffat written episode, but it's got me very excited for the rest of the season! Bring on the Weeping Angels/River Song!


- C!

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

daveac's picture

I loved this episode on first watching and don't really want to find 'plot holes' or problems.

As a launch episode it did the business!

We didn't need the 'something is coming' type threat in this first episode - specially before is was 'certain' that the World would be saved.

Any threat after that would be meaningless - at least to the Human Race - so I don't think we needed it here.

Didn't really like the spaceships - but that was about it for negatives

Matt seemed entirely at home in this role and the series looks setup for a great run.

Cheer, daveac


daveac's picture

Just to remind posters that The Cultdom Collective are doing commentaries:-

Talkshoe ID 54821

Or iTunes

Cheers, davec

Aurelius's picture

(Rewatched the episode over the weekend on BBC America, and realized I did not post a reveiw from weeks ago. Here it is, for those that care. Cheers.)

After the long wait, here comes episode 1 and it hits the ground running, never once letting us, the audience, or the Doctor himself catch his breath. Everything is new once again … or so it feels. There is a different look, a different energy right from the get-go. This is not RTD’s tongue in cheek Doctor, but someone entirely different, but oh so familiar.


Though this is a “regeneration” story (which is a cue in fandom to let some things slip because as we all know these stories aren’t supposed to be good), I don’t see it as such and don’t think it was treated as such. It feels like Chapter 1 of a book, not episode 1 of a new series. I think, when it comes to Who, most fans are inclined to be of the mind: “get on with the silly regeneration stuff, meet the companion, get this over with so we can move onto adventures.” This story does not follow that template, and introduces the companion in a marvelous way—she has “known” the Doctor for 14 years.


There is much to love in this episode:

-         the new Doctor, in all of his gangly quirkiness

-         joining the ranks of the 3rd and 8th Doctors, by snagging clothes from the hospital lockers

-         the new TARDIS interior (it looks better on screen than in the photos; not completely sold on the console and its weird bric-a-brac)

-         Moffat’s dark style (the eerie garden at night, the crack in the wall)

-         Homage to the previous incarnations

-         New aliens

-         Like that Amy is an orphan, she does have a family (the weird aunt)


There is not much to hate: new theme—yuck. Not one note. New opening credits—not good. To be honest it reminds of the 7th Doctor’s theme and credits. At least we don’t have Smith’s face winking at us.


We have much to compare it with, and being a “regeneration” story it does quite well.


IMO, most of the first episodes have not been good. This isn’t a classic, but it is good; almost, dare I say, the best of the bunch of episode 1s. It is not an instant classic but by no means is it a dud. In terms of the new series, I personally rank it above “Rose” but not quite as good “The Christmas Invasion.”


Bring on the rest!


"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)
Dr. Solar's picture

and i love the new Tardis interior and the new sonic screwdriver.

i liked the whole idea of "what if a crack in the wall was more then just a crack in the wall" i like that kind of thinking. which is why i like steve moffet.

Man Of The Atom

May just say that It took me a second viewing of Eleventh Hour to be able to appreciate it. Whilst I loved the time tunnel the theme music is just discordant and so I had to watch it without the music.

The discordant nature of the theme music set up a very negative feeling for me and I honestly didn't like this episode at all to start with. It's not that bad now but I must say that there are still things about the episode I do not understand.

Some of the things turn out to be explained in latter episodes but some. For Example: why did he call back the aliens when they were already running away. This is the same thing that happened in David Tennents (SP?) Dr and then he would have just let them go.

I also don't like the arrogance of this incarnation. I know that all Dr's are arrogant but I find Matt Smith's Arrogance Jarring, sometime a little inexplicable and more than that it get worse in following episodes.

Not a bad Dr however once you get used to him. But so far not my most favorite Dr.

Regarding the new theme song. It reminds me a little of the Tele-Movie theme but with a good adventurous vibe. However, like most people say, the underlying beat we all know and love doesn't quite sit right with the new melody. I think they're on the right track and with a few tweaks it could sound great.

BTW, I found the full version of the new theme and it sounds much better with the Middle 8.

It's a shame the BBC have cut the closing credits short. Hell, they even did it with the games! Hope they don't do this with the DVDs.

And the title sequence is growing on me.

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