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Idiom - Posted on 02 April 2010

Anybody else seen this? I thought it was awesome!

Finally a movie that is totally different. A few times before they tried this type of movie but never got it right. It's hard to do. The movie balances several genres and could so easily have tipped over into bad but never does. I don't know what Nicholas Cage is doing in this movie, trying to impersonate BATMAN from the 60s and the 80s at once but I guess they should be glad for his name. He's the worst thing about the movie and he's not bad. The movie totters with superheroes, mafia mob movies, realistic movies, wanna be movies, teen movies, comic book movies and it's none of those and all of those. It is also, even to someone who has read the comics, totally surprising in almost every scene, every frame, every line of dialog. Yeah the fights are awesome too. The little girl is amazingly good in every scene she's in. The reviewers totally under appreciate the great and British Aaron Johnson, he's awesome, too. Not all the jokes work but most of them do and they're not really jokes anyway. It seems to be tongue in cheek and camp at times but never seems to go totally over the top...or at least as much as the comic book. Whatever you think of it, the movie is very engaging, different, and interesting and entertains. It is fresh.    

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