I-CON 29

General_Chris - Posted on 30 March 2010

This past weekend was I-CON 29 held at Stonybrook University on Long Island, NY.
There were a bunch of great Doctor Who panels and Podshock was there as well. They unfortunately had technical difficulties but Ken still had a great interview with Sarah Douglas that was a lot of fun to see.
It was nice for I-CON to be back at Stonybrook and I had a blast over the weekend.

I dressed up all three days:
Friday: The 10th Doctor (Doctor Who - Tooth and Claw)
Saturday: Link (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Sunday: Gryffindor Quidditch Player (Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince)

I took a lot of photos and wanted to post the link to my Flickr set to share them with everyone.
Enjoy and comment :)


Ken Deep's picture

Thanks Chris!

"There comes a time, Timelord, when every lonely little boy must learn how to dance"

Quite Welcome!  Great to see you guys back at I-CON this year.

Check out my blog "Realm Beyond Sight":

Thanks again Chris. Some of your photos where included in the Enhanced Podcast version of Doctor Who: Podshock 189 and of course your shot of Sarah Douglas graced the cover art for that episode.

Here are some of your photos relating to GE / DWP here:

I-CON 29 Friday (19) I-CON 29 Sunday (92) I-CON 29 Sunday (99) I-CON 29 Sunday (91) I-CON 29 Sunday (95) I-CON 29 Sunday (98) I-CON 29 Sunday (88) I-CON 29 Sunday (94) I-CON 29 Sunday (96) I-CON 29 Sunday (90)

Here is more from your Flickr set of I-CON 29:

(Great, that worked! I was testing out our Flickr integration on the website.)

Administrator - You are very welcome for the photos. I'm glad that they were able to be useful to you. And I am quite honored that they became a part of the enhanced podcast and that one photo graced the cover art for the podcast. I was really excited when I saw that!

Check out my blog "Realm Beyond Sight":

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