The Hollow of Time

Chase - Posted on 06 March 2010

THE HOLLOWS OF TIME is worth listening to. The worst aspect is that a female actress is playing a little boy named Simon. This almost NEVER works, EVER from Peter Pan (thank God Jeremy Sumpter played Peter, even with an American accent, perhaps his fairies were American accented) to, well, this. Simon detracts a great deal from the shakey story. Yes, the story is a very visual one and I felt that given that if it were on TV it would be much better akin to CASTRAVALVA, WARRIOR'S GATE, and maybe LOGOPOLIS. As it is...and even with the silly framing sequences...which don't help much...a bit maybe but Peri and the Doc going over their adventure don't really add much to the visualness of it...AND say things like, "And so it was," after Simon (the female) says, "It's over." Why do that? When having the Doc in the story say that would suffice. The villain aspect just about works but having the female villain (forgot her name) and the PRof and the Chaffeur...are these all supposed to be the same villain...just doesn't work...or only slightly works? I don't mind that the DOc is supposed to be holding onto a car in dark space...I can figure that out for myself. The strange time trap (YES another one) in this doesn't really work here...more time corridors, more echoes, and more meeting or near meetings with oneself (and why does the Doc say it is lethal when the Brig wasn't killed when he did the same thing in MAWYDRN?). It's also very evident that the villain Stream is the Master and the BBC is really STUPID in not giving BF permission to have it be the Master as it was in the original script. WHy did they do this? TO protect the integrity of the Simm's Master? If so maybe not putting him in dresses and allowing permission for all magazines to print Simm in a dress...gosh did he also turn into Sylvia?...would have been the better thing to do. Or not do. In any event this is far better than END OF TIME but that's not saying much. It's worth a listen but it's not really great DW to be honest. GIven it is Chris Bidmead, who I like, it could have been better I guess. Oh and the Tractators and Gravis are in it too but I can't recall Gravis having ANY lines and it doesn't feel like a Tractator story AT ALL. It's more akin to a Jon Pertwee Master know the type where the Master uses Axons to take over the universe or the world or whatever. I must commend the actor playing the Mas...Stream...he does a FANTASTIC job. One funny thing is in the interviews, Colin Baker is bleeped out when he mentions who he thinks the villain is...and then later he says it again and is not bleeped out. Oh and as for the interviews, if anyone from BG is reading this: STOP THE ANNOYING SOUND EFFECTS during the interviews. Also stop the blurring of the sound or distorted voices. It's annoying and adds nothing. Let us just listen to the chats! BF dropped this kind of stuff a few years ago and thankfully. In any event I gave this a 4/10. It has alot of good imagery and yet there is just too much working against it (Simon played by a female; the visual need, the lack of explanation that can make us make sense of it, the villains other than the M&%$er). And it does seem that this might even have been written with a thought of a Davison story in mind.

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