Yet another slap in the face to Adric fans

Chase - Posted on 28 February 2010

In what must be another slap in the face to Adric fans the "most loved" and "old team" are back together: the 5th Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and ...Turlough! Are back. This "team" starred in TWO stories together and even then weren't a team in either story. I must say that this is revolting and makes me want to gag. It should be Matthew with Tegan and Nyssa and the 5th Doctor.

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I am sure that the Big Finish decision was based on the fact that they want to sell some CDs.

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Well I happen to like Turlough and Nyssa. Better than Tegan anyway.  ;)

I'm personally looking forward to Jamie's stories with the sixth Doctor even more.  Yummm!

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There are Adric fans????????

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Three or four at least.  No one can read a line of dialog and it drop stone dead on the floor like Waterhouse can.  He inspires crickets to chirp during his read throughs.

Mr. Magister

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