Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?

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carriertone - Posted on 05 June 2009

Check out this story from Rich Johnston's BleedingCool website:


Does this mean that other aspects of the original Dr. Who will be returning? I hope we get to see other rooms in the TARDIS. I know I've missed that aspect of the show. So far, in the new series, it seems that the TARDIS is just a control room, and not much else. This makes the TARDIS seem rather small to me. Does anyone else miss seeing the other rooms, or is it just me.


On a related note, does the TARDIS have a bathroom? What would a timelord bathroom even look like? Just wondering. You'd think that at some point the Doctor or one of his many companions would have to use the lew, but it's never been addressed. Or a kitchen? Does the Doctor only eat drive-thru?


What other classic Doctor ideas do YOU want to see?

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Who is Rich Johnston? I think it would be very cool if they did show Matt Smith's face in the opening credits as is the tradition with Doctor Who, but we don't know if it is happening or not. I don't understand why this is spreading over the net as it is because someone on a blog posting says something to the effect that 'I believe this is happening' when Matt Smith takes the role.

As I said, I think it would be lovely if it did, I hope it does, and I hope Rich Johnston's right, but I don't know how he would know any better than any one else or does he have some sort of inside track in the production that I am unaware of currently?


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I've heard rumors that the opening title sequence was being redone for the new Doctor (Matt Smith) but I haven't heard anything definite.


If they keep the old titles then all that would change would have been the name in the credits. However the show will have used the same sequnce for three Doctors. A change is needed (more than just tweaking the music theme), and it's overdue anyway.


I hope it's true because it would send a message that the show is getting back to it's roots and there is a "new producer in town".

The floaty head in the title used to freak me out when I was a kid.  I guess I've never been into the disembodied-head use in any format (including The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - and yes, somehow when I was a kid I associated that tale and the Doctor's floaty head together).

Still - I'm all for changes!  And definitely hoping that we see other rooms in the Tardis this time through!

supremacy is relative

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Rich Johnston used to run Lying in the Gutters for He always has inside info, and is rarely wrong. It does happen, but only once in a blue moon. I would definitely trust Rich's information.

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

I dn't know how to take this info. It reminds me of the JNT days when there was so much wrong with the show and he's come out and say, "And we've changed the music and we have a new opening titles sequence"  rather than, "ANd we've got a new script editor and a good story."

In that context, i'ts worrying because it might mean we've entered the JNT phase of the new show: all gloss and no substance but who knows? Next thing we'll hear "we've plenty of top notch guest stars who've not been in DW yet"  and "I want to kill off K9... again"  

And oh yes, we're getting another animated story because THE INFINITE QUEST was so good. (?)! 



Whatever, right now until Matt starts DW is dead to me. It's so sucky   

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you sir, are bitter. I can't wait for the Moffat era to begin. His stories were some of the best every season, and now he's running the show!? Awesome! How is bringing back the Doctor's face to the credits even slightly "gloss"? I think the next few years are going to be all about substance, if "Blink", "The Girl In The Fireplace", and "Silence In The Library" are any indication.


- C

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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I am very much in-line with carriertone's original post & opinion. If there were ever a show where I embraced and/or even anticipated change it would be Doctor Who.

...perhaps the Doctor & his companions where diapers/depends with TARDIS technology built in?

Tongue out

I'd like nothing more than to be proved wrong. I like Matt Smith already and think if given good scripts, he'd make a GREAT Doctor and Moffat certainly has a good track record but I just can't help but thnk of the &^%# we've gotten recently, some of it from him. And didn't he also do CURSE OF FATAL DEATH?

TO be honest, I think RTD has had writer's block since MIDNIGHT but truth is he can't just stop writing, he has deadlines...or had them. IF that were the case, he should have leant out the stories to other writers. There's no way he can think his recent stuff is good.  And why does every story have to be "the stakes are raised" and "everything's in danger"?

Anyway nuff rant,I just hope that DW does come back strong in story and character just like it did in 2005 but I have STRONG doubts.

I also strongly believe the "rest" was a BIG mistake, one of many. 

Oh and now we're getting a cartoon because the first one was so good and a scene on Sarah Jane Smith because they don't have enough aliens on that show. 

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I thought The Curse of Fatal Death was hilarious.

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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I'd like to point out one thing about the face in the title sequence. It's older than you think - the first time it was used was during the Patrick Troughton era.


With the exception of William Hartnell, Paul McGann and the "new" series Doctors all the Doctors have had their face or a variant of it (in Jon Pertwee's case - his whole body) in the titles.


When the series returned with Christopher Eccleston I half-way expected to see it returned then - mainly because I was so used to it being there for such a long time so it was a surprise when it didn't happen, but that didn't take away from the show.

Good point Troy. Only they didn't have the Doctor purple faced, or winking or silly looking but that is a good point about the face showing up in Troughton's time!

CURSE OF FATAL DEATH was funny but...with most things DW, for me is a matter of timing. CURSE came after the failed TV MOVIE and I believe several other internet failures to revive me, it seemed like a giving up by the creators and/or BBC to ever have DW return seriously. Yes, it was funny and in hindsight, pretty good but at the me, it was strange and not funny at all...just yet another mocking of the show at a time when it was down down down, the show I mean. The show had been knocked so far down it wasn't funny and in my mind, it would never come back and then this...made me think it would never come back the way I wanted it to come back and how I knew it could took until 2005...some six more years before that happened and before RTD created a masterpiece return...and I REALLY mean that.        

Addition: oh, almost forgot: they can leave the theme song and the opening the same for five more years IF they can deliever on scripts, dialog, plot, acting, and characters and NEW ideas with some real emotion behind it again...a very tall order which has not been met since maybe TURN LEFT or MIDNIGHT. So for me, if they keep the theme and opening the same I don't care as long as they can deliever on the rest of that...which I'm extremely doubtful right now...  

And it might be better if they just left it alone and not put the face in. Why? I don't think Power of the Daleks smacked us in the face with Troughton's face right away. In fact I don't think it came until THE FACELESS ONES but I could be wrong. As much as I want David to go (and trust me, I LOVE some of his performances), he has an extremely loyal fan base (and not just screaming gushing girlie girls who might just be swtiching over to TWLIGHT at this time). To rub Matt's face in the viewers' faces...might not be wise. At least not right away...I predict he might actualy start in the specials but who knows?    


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Ok, I think Mr. Smith's incredibly tall forehead is a bit odd - but I like my Doctors odd, don't you? When Tennant started, I thought "I want to go back to Eccleston, Tennant isn't odd enough."

But then, when Tom Baker started, I pined for Pertwee a bit, until Baker grew on me. Come to think of it, I didn't want to change from Troughton to Pertwee, either. I guess I just don't like change.

(My wife looked over my shoulder and said that was a slight understatement, pointing out that I still prefer Windows 95, since my IBM PC-XT died and I had to give up DOS.)

But as far as changing from RTD... I thought "Blink", "The Girl In The Fireplace", and "Silence In The Library" were some of the best episodes of this millenium. So Moffat behind the console sounds good to me!  ~Dred


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The series was relaunched with very little tying it to the original series. Obviously "newer" audiences were not turned away and now the viewers, old and new, are ripe for revelations about the Doctor's (and the Whoniverse's) past. I am sure the show is in capable hands- Moffat has proven his ability as a writer for Who and other television series, as well as his experience as producer on other projects, as well. These little tweaks we're seeing are surely small indicators of more substantial things coming "under the hood/bonnet".

And, lest we so easily forget, remember all the dry years with no Who on TV!

"Please do not throw hands at me." -D89

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