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Louis Trapani - Posted on 18 February 2010

There's only one more week until Gallifrey 21, the annual premier Doctor Who convention of North America taking place in Los Angeles, CA. Once again, Doctor Who: Podshock will be there in force.

Doctor Who Podshock Meet and GreetWe are holding a Meet and Greet on the Thursday evening before the convention ("Gallifrey Eve," if you like) at the same hotel. It is at 10pm PST on the 25th of February. It is late enough to allow many of people flying in on Thursday to check into the hotel and get some dinner beforehand. The Meet and Greet is an informal (leave the tux at home) gathering where you will have a chance to come by and say hi, meet the Doctor Who: Podshock hosts, correspondents, and regular contributors to the show. Learn more about our Meet and Greet here. If you plan on meeting up with us there, please RSVP here.

If you are a Podshock Supporting Subscriber and you are going to Gallifrey 21, please let us know if you haven't done so already. In addition to the Meet and Greet, we would like to plan something special to do with supporting subscribers at Gallifrey 21. What that might be, depends on how many will be able to join us. It is because of the support of supporting subscribers we are able to bring you the show and do these events. Please if you haven't done so yet, please consider supporting us by becoming a Podshock Supporting Subscriber. It doesn't cost much and it means so much to us.

Our Sunday tradition at Gallifrey One has expanded this year. Doctor Who: Podshock takes to the stage for a live recording once again. It's rare that all three hosts are on stage together, but that is in part what makes Gallifrey special. It is a bigger show than before, it is at 1pm now and promises to be a great deal of fun. Special guests include Georgia Moffett, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Louise Page, John Fay, and some surprises! Get the details of our live show at Gallifrey 21 here: Now Bigger Than Before - Doctor Who: Podshock Live on Stage at Gallifrey 21 - February 2010

But wait, there's more! Whether you are going to not going to Gallifrey 21, there is an event you can attend prior to event. This Saturday, we are holding our seasonal Meet Up on Second Life. It is a great opportunity for those going to Gallifrey 21 to meet up ahead of time and make plans for the convention, but there will be plenty of other activities for people not going to Gallifrey 21. As usual, we will have TARDIS tours, this time bringing you to places outside of Katrina and our famous dance party after that with a live DJ spinning tunes on Second Life. This time we will be giving away a copy of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead on Blu-ray to a current Podshock Supporting Subscriber. It is free to go and join in. Get the details of our Second Life meet up here: Join Us for Our Pre-Gallifrey 21 Second Life Meet Up.

In Doctor Who: Podshock 183 we recorded our annual Gallifrey preview show special. You won't want to miss it whether you are going or not.

There is so much going on in this very exciting month. Whether you are going to Gallifrey 21 or not there is something you can take part in. Also whether you are going to not, be sure to follow me via Twitter ( @LouisTrapani ) as I will be posting regular updates. Be sure to check our website here as well tweets from our Doctor Who: Podshock Twitter stream ( @Podshock ).

See you at Gallifrey!

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Even the unemployed can subscribe, like me! ;-) So no excuse to not become a supporting subscriberTongue out

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