Celebrate 24 Years With Us

Administrator - Posted on 05 June 2009

June marks our 24th anniversary! Join us as we celebrate it at a special joint meet up with DWNY on Monday, 15th of June 2009 at 7pm at the Peculier Pub in New York City. It is not the first time we will be joining DWNY at a meet up at the Peculier Pub. If you attended before, you know what a fantastic group DWNY is and how wonderful their meet ups are on a monthly basis. This one will be no exception.

In town joining us will be Doctor Who: Podshock's West Coast Correspondent, Joshua Lou Friedman for the event. Plus, we will have a very special guest WHO will be on hand too.

Guests dropping in at DWNY meet ups are not such a rare thing these days. Last February visiting was Paul Cornell and Tony Lee, and most recently last month, Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman.

Come and join us and the DWNY group for a fun and exciting evening in NYC. Ken Deep, Louis Trapani, Billy Davis, Joshua Lou Friedman, and others (hopefully Taras Hnatyshyn), and a special guest will be there along with DWNY President Barnaby and plenty of good folks for this joint meet up between DWNY and the Gallifreyan Embassy as we mark our 24th anniversary and enter into our 25th year traveling through time and space with Doctor Who.

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I hope lots of people will be able to join us, for what should be a fantastic night :)

Announcing A Who York Evening with... Louise Jameson (Leela) Tuesday November 3, 2009 Tickets on sale at http://whoyork.com Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/doctorwhony

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