Correx on Gallifrey One's TARDIS:

CaptMurdock - Posted on 16 February 2010

In a recent podcast, you mentioned that the TARDIS that the Gallifrey One convention was built for the promotional photoshoot that Paul McGann did for the Fox telemovie.  This is incorrect.

That TARDIS was indeed used (I am, in fact, one of the people who assembled the TARDIS at the photo studio) but the TARDIS was actually built about ten years before.  Several of the builders were among the early members of the club that eventually became known as the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, the L.A. Doctor Who group from which many of the original Gallifrey One committee members came from.

There is a plaque mounted on the inside of the small panel on the front that the telephone resides in, detailing the names of "The TARDIS Builders Union, Local 42" i.e. the people who built the TARDIS.  That said, I do not remember if it has a date inscribed thereon.

Just setting the record straight.

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks CaptMurdock. I thought this was the case, but then again I thought perhaps I might had been wrong, so I didn't say anything during the recording. We will try to make the correction in a future show.

Thanks for setting the record straight.


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