Should DW just end already?

Chase - Posted on 14 February 2010

Looking at the inane comments Moffat make in the past two DW Magazines and continuing to listen to and read the audios and comics and novels, I have to ask, controversially: should DW just end?

I mean the bulk of all of it is reallym, truly boring an truly disabling to the good stuff. ANY  of us can write a standard DW plot: there are only about fiveof them and even that is narrowed down by the new show which always has to include an alien of some sort.

Invasion: there's a base under siege or the entire world and there's bog standard military people running around, there's death(S) first, then a monster. The Doctor kills it.

War: There's war. Of some kind. There are usually or sometimes rebels and revolts, sometimes the rebels are bad but mostly good. The Doc helps. In the middle there's a monster/alien in there someplace. A lot of people die usually. There's usually a cell involved and captures galore. At times, there are firing squads. No one trusts the Doc at first but he wins some of them around. 

Exploration: this happened in the First Doc's time and sometimes in Doc Two and three's time. The Doc goes exploring and gets into trouble. Usually this one leads into the other two above. or it starts with...

Crashing the TARDIS...


Thing is the stories that deviate from this are good and rare and at times do not even seem like DW or sideline the Doctor. AND there's now so many of these stories that...they seem frankly dull. Watching the FUGITIVE today, the old show, it just seems to me that THAT show meant somethng. DW...normally doesn't. 

Should it end before it seems buried by itself?

Moffat' comments added to the suspect plots of the next season and the "quirky" Doctor we're going to get sounds like more of the same that we've been having. CAN'T THEY DO ANYTHING NEW OR DIFFERENT? The comics certainly can't; the novels are same old same old; the audios sometimes rise to greatness but again even the good ones are base under siege stories or war on another planet or mixes of all of the above. DOes DW have anything new or different to do or say? 

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Interesting... But you haven't actually told us your conclusion Chase... Yes or no question... In YOUR opinion should Doctor Who just end now???

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it should or will end any time soon. With the numbers it's getting it's obviously still very popular. Just because you find it boring, Chase, doesn't mean everyone should or will. I am still enjoying it, even the End Of Time episodes, and am VERY excited to see what the future holds for the show. I know you've heard this time and again Chase, but if you are bored by it, why are you still watching it? That's what is great about television. It has an off button, and multiple channels to choose from.



- C!

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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