Chase - Posted on 14 February 2010

Okay this tv series is without a doubt, the best show ever made. I tend to think that of its genre it is the best but honestly even out of its genre, it's still the best.

It SAYS something about people, law, humanity, good vs bad, bad vs good, conformity, etc. It just is so good and no movie, no matter how good could capture those 120 episodes of greatness. No new series could do that either. The movie is just slightly okay compared to the original show and as for theTim Daly remake show, pfffttt, pass it up. There will never be another David Jansen, just as there will never be another Richard Basehart or Guy Williams or Jonathan Harris. Or Martin Landau and Darren McGavin. Or Carol O Conner.

Most people know the basic storyline of Richard Kimble, a man falsely (although one really poor "acaemdic" book claimed that after four seasons we "found" out that Kimble ACTUALLY DID murder his wife in what is the biggest written mistake in the history of TV and that same book stated that in LAND OF THE GIANTS the little Earth people help rehabilitate a young boy who is a fire accused of murdering his wife after an argument about her not able to have children. He wanted to adopt and it didn't bother him; it bothered his wife...a lot. He drove off to cool down and stopped at a lake. A boy was there in  a rowboat fishing. The boy didn't see him. Richard drove back home and spotted a one armed man leaving his house, the door open. Entering, Kimble found his wife's body. On the way to the death house, Kimble, handcuffed to one Lt Philip Gerard, has fate move its mighty hand and the train derails and Kimble gets free. He hunts for the one armed man, Gerard hunts Kimble, eventually finding out Kimble is a good man but the law is the law to Gerard and he is just its emissary or so he tries to convince himself (and the series shows the effect on his wife and son--once played by Kurt Russell).

People who feel the unrealistic encounters of Kimble, Gerard and the one armed man are too concidental, DO NOT know the series. The one armed man appears in possibly four or three episodes among the first three seasons and then only fleetingly in one of those.  At the same time, Gerard is hunting Kimble so it's likely that they will encounter each other from time to time. There are 120 episodes and Gerard doesn't appear in even half of those. At the same time, he knows Kimble will track down one armed men appearances so the encounters between any two or all three of them are not unrealistic.

The main thing about this show is what it says about US, about goodness, kindness in the face of confusion, and love and care for fellow human beings and what it says about self sacrifice and putting yourself on the line for others. Many shows nowadays DO NOT have this and opt instead for people hurting others, even in comedies such as THREE AND A HALF MEN, which I find horrid.

How many people know about Gerard's wife going temporarily blind while stuck in a town about to be flooded with Kimble and a gang of juvenile deliquents? And that by talking to him, she realizes it is the "The Other Woman", the one her husband spends so much time with or obsessing about: Kimble. How many people know that Kurt Russel as Gerard's son in one ep, hides away in a station wagon stolen by Kimble to get away...Or ...

Kimble, realizing his wife's family is hit on hard times, returns to Gary, Indiana to help help them  find a written paper that gives them more money...and that he's not accepted by his mother in law...that she believes he's guilty. And his sister in law seems to have a crush on  him.  In other eps, he returns to his own family to help his brother and to say goodbye to his dying father.

Also: what happens when Kimble witnesses a crime and realizes the man convicted for it is innocent. The real killer  in that ep is played by Leslie Nielson.

the 2130 ep contains a computer that is programmed by Melvn Douglas to help compute Kimble's path. The ep starts out as any other, with Kimble involved in a menial job, this time a chaffeur, and involved in the lives  of the people around him. A scared daughter dents her father's car...but doesn't tell him and doesn't tell Kimble, who agrees reluctantly, to say he dented it...that she also hit a man in the street after she drove after drinking a beer. The man doesn't die but Kimble has to flee. The father of the girl is a computer programmer for the country and laughably now the computer uses computer  data cards to work. The show then for once takes on a more episodic nature as he wanders in and out of four different scenarios including a poor family in a trailer that take him on as their driver and the young boy who saves his life when the police, alerted by the computer and Gerard, find out where he is. It's a good episode.   The programmer also computes the probability of Kimble's ability to commit murder in any circumstance.   

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