MERLIN 2.7, 2.8. 2.10, 2.11.

Chase - Posted on 11 February 2010

Finally got see more of this season, an inferior one to the first. 2.7 is rather good with a strong witchfinder character. Morgana continues to be a sissy, unlike herself from last season. If this is what they claim magic is doing to her, they blew it. It doesn';t work. The rest of this does work including Merlin's antics to stop the witchfinder, and for ocne, one feels that Merlin might actually get caught. A much better episode than the others thus far in this season. Uther is still a jerk.

2.8: Sins of the Father: this episode, while not bad, makes me wonder about this entire premise. Uther lies to his son or does he/did he? Merlin lies to save Arthur from killing Uther, who continues to plague magic people---why? He's perfectly willing to kill others himself and even lead to Mordred's death later on this season...not that he succeeds but...why let Uther live? To keep Arthur from feeling bad later on. Was Morgana's long lost sister (yeah, right!) lying? Was it a trick? We're not told in this ep and it weakens an already weak premise. Not good. Yet each individual scene works rather well, the music and scenery are nice and ther'es something interesting about having a woman beat Arthur and the repercussions from that...although all that is pushed under the rug for other stuff. The blond actress is good but what is her motive? Apparently we'll find out later on. To get Uther dead maybe? If so, she certianly could have snuck in and killed him herself as she did others in Camelot. Oh and why did they let her get away with that? I guess the five guards she killed didn't matter all that much.  The finale with Arthur vs Uther is eye opening but ulimately fails to register or stun. We don't really know the truth but we sort of feel it. It doesn't really work but doesn't totally fail either, this ep.    

2.9: the werecreature and the lady from lake ep. Good one. Made me cry a bit. Merlin finds love and yet the thing is the "twist" is signposted up ahead for all to see a long, long time before ...I mean maybe there could have been some mystery as to the creature's origins or the person doing this. But no. Of high note is Colin Morgan's acting. Very very good and like RTD says, Colin makes interesting acting choices all throughout. Gwen and Morgana are more like guest stars in their short clips in this. Uther is most lenient to Gaius (is that his name) and the woman playing the Lady is quite good I thought. Nice scenes, nice scenery and music. This one just works. So again, another good one. Nice interaction between Arthur and Merlin. Love the dress stealing scenes. Very funny. There's still the feeling that this show has lost a bit from its first season.

2.11: Another one that doesn't really work but doesn't really fail. Whom are we supposed to be rooting for? The dragon (who's back! as he's not in a few eps, thankfully ---not that he's bad but I needed a break from him) tells Merlin that Morgana and Mordred are going to form an evil alliance against Arthur and bring about his downfall. Well, reallly? And the dragon itself is somewhat evil? Or are any of them evil? All of them seem more like persecuted magic people. It is true that they seem to be playing up the evil child  thing in Mordred but he seemed a bit used by the other guy in this ep. More on him: the evil guy, Ethevan or something. He is  a good actor and a powerful charater, u sing Morgana. What happened to his real love in this? Did she escape Arthur's men? She might be back. HE is going to be hung by Uther. How did he get caught? He's rather bloodthirsty but is he evil or as Morgana states, just trying to survive Uther's rule? Also: he has rather powerful powers, at one point seemingly incinerating guards wtih his hand wave and a spell. Why does he let himself get caught? Is there  a reason? Will we be told later? Somehow one gets the feeling NO. Merlin stops Mordred with his magic and Mordred kills two of Arhtur's men with his magic. He tells Merlin he won't forget or forgive this. Why should he? Why should Merlin want the boy to be killed? Uther's men are trying to and would have killed the boy and all of the others. At times it seems as if even Arthur  are the villains and now it seems as if Merlin is as confused as I am. I don't know who to root for any longer. I suppose that is what the show is saying: Morgana, the magic people, Mordred, Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, even Uther in a way (but to me HE IS THE VILLAIN OF THE ENTIRE THING) are all just people, not bad guys or good guys. The boy playing the very young Mordred is quite good, where the heck did they find him? He's brillaint and I almost want him to win and be back again and win then too. Lots going on here. Morgana even gets a backbone ala First Season but soon backs down and is back to skulking and NOW even betraying behind closed doors.  She's also gullible and cowardly here. Great. The ep is 50 percent good and 50 percent confusing on these points. Maybe the rest of the season will give us more answers. Again, the feel of this season is not as good as the first. The novelty is over and the show needs to move on and gives us something new and different or go with what it's already set up. 



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