"Doctor Who" coming to your game system.

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Troy Baker - Posted on 29 January 2010

The Mirror reports in their web site today (Jan. 29) the there is the possibility of video games coming out based on several of the BBC's TV shows. The shows include the childrens' show "In The Night Garden", "Top Gear", and "Doctor Who" 

The Games are planned to be released for the Nintendo Wii and DS systems and the possibility of doing games for iTunes and facebook apps.

For the whole story :


 We've heard these stories before so I'll just wait and see.


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Digital spy reports that the game based on "Doctor Who" is in the works for the Nintendo Wii. They report from a sun story that it shoud be in stores around the Christmas shopping season.


Here is the story about it on Digital Spy:

"Doctor Who" game heads to Nintendo Wii


and the original story from the Sun:

Doctor Wii


How much of this is true? I don't know but I'm reporting it in case it is true.Wink

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While I am definitely excited about the prospect of a Doctor Who video game, I still hold more than a little dread at the notion as well.  Doctor Who would make an excellent role-playing game.  There are a number of rpgs in the video game market which are more about problem solving than blasting your opponents into a bloody mess.  Doctor Who could be one of the best, if done right.  Unfortunately, properties like Doctor Who have a bad history of being mishandled.  The last game that came out based on DW was that awful Top Trumps game, which bore no resemblance to the show at all.  The game before that was a lame miniatures game called Microverse, which also failed to retain any story aspects of the program.

A proper Doctor Who game needs to have loads of character interaction, problem solving, and evading enemies, all of which fit inside several small stories which revolve around one big over-arching plot- just like the tv program does. 

What would be really interesting from a fan's point of view would be if they make each level involve a different incarnation of The Doctor.  That would be awesome, but I seriously doubt they will do anything like that.  They're going to be aiming at the modern audience, which is necessary from fiscal necessity if they want to make a profit.  Still, I suppose they could use the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors in the game and still maintain an appeal with their core audience.  Maybe throw one level in with a classic era Doctor (4th of course) to make the long term fans happy. 

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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I don't know yet but the article from the Sun says that it's in the early stages so any game format could be under devolopement. I agree with you that a RPG (role-playing game) would be the best format for the game.

We just don't know any details yet.

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WII Game features Dalek and Silurians (perhaps Cybermen too). Out in October.



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