Did anyone else see Matt Smith spit? On the console?

Chase - Posted on 25 January 2010

It's fast but Matt Smith spits on the console just as he's running around in the TARDIS in the end of THE END OF TIME. WTF? Was he possessed by Rassalon?

Louis Trapani's picture

Yes, I had heard that some of the falling debris of the TARDIS got in his mouth while shooting the scene and they decided to go with that take. It works for me.


Yeah it doesn't really work for me but then again what does? :)  If we, the viewers  had seen the debris fall into his mouth or if we had some basis for it, it would work. BUT it looks like he's just got the urge to spit on the console. Iwas thinking that he was using his DNA (hee hee) to bring the console back to life or something...  

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