A U.S. Version of Torchwood Coming to Fox?

Administrator - Posted on 19 January 2010

John Barrowman in TorchwoodAccording to a Hollywood Reporter article, there may be a new US version of Torchwood coming to Fox. Series creator and producer Russell T Davies along with producer Julie Gardner are to be spearheading the project with executive VP of programming and production at BBC Worldwide Productions, Jane Tranter.

The article suggests that some of the original cast may be onboard the project as well, mainly John Barrowman.

It goes on to say that the plot of the US version will be a global story line as opposed to the more localized one of the BBC version.

Source: Fox developing U.S. version of 'Torchwood' - The Hollywood Reporter

Reno_Joe's picture

Sounds Interesting and a little logically for Jack and Gwen (along  with Frame, Mickey and Martha?) to try to become more globally minded after the daleks global takeover and how  the british government treated them in the last season/series. In "Children", the last of Torchwood was look upon as a bigger threat than the aliens so  is there a future for Torchwood to protect the "British Empire"?
In this climate of thinking  globally, our heroes could think the same. I am sure that weevers are all over the world and such.
I dont know  if the BBC will let them tie in UNIT but that would be also another great idea too.  Lets bring back, John Levene, much to his own joy and ours, as General Benton, the new head of the New York Hq of UNIT.
I also found another good article from the guardian - http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2010/jan/19/will-us-torchwood-work

But this will have to be RTD/Garner's child, dont let the studio change it.
And definitely dont let Jack loose in a monster hunt in San Francisco and he might not want to leave.

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American versions of British shows don't work. There are a few exceptions, but even with original people involved it will be bad. They will prettify it and dumb it down and make it all happy endings, Ugh.

C21 Media has states that a BBC spokeswoman has confirmed that a Torchwood pilot has been ordered by Fox.

"BBC Worldwide Productions has written a Torchwood pilot script for Fox. It's too early to comment on any further details."

Thanks to @2minutetimelord who tweeted the linked article on c21media.net: Fox ignites Torchwood pilot script

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What can I say here that I haven't said everywhere else so far.

DO NOT WANT! Plain and simple.

As if the Torchwood fan community isn't angry enough with RTD.

Needless to say, I doubt I'll watch it for anything other than the curiosity. Like when I watched American Life on Mars, for me, it'll be like watching a car crash. Horrible, but can't look away.

I'd be fine with a series 4 in the UK, but if this is the series 4 we're getting.... Torchwood is over for me now. T_T
Just when it was becoming good and when I was becoming a really big fan of it.

*stomps off to rage*

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

Troy Baker's picture

The fact that the pilot for the US version of "Torchwood" is being done by FOX is a good reason to STOP RIGHT NOW! I still remember the harm that happened to "Doctor Who" when FOX got involved. Anybody remember the movie with Paul McGann?

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