Thoughts on logging back in to GE after unplugging...

starman_80204 - Posted on 11 January 2010

Hey folks,


Love the site first off...Lots of cool Who information here.  I was a frequent visitor poster for a few years, but at the end of Season 3, I decided to unplug from the Who sites.  Sadly I was getting way too much information about the upcoming episodes. 

I know alot of people here want to be the first to know about what is going to happen in the new episodes, but it was slightly taking the joy out of viewing for me.

I went season 4 and the specials with no clues as to the stories, and boy it was great :)

I really enjoyed the surprises and had no inkling of what was to come.

I'm going to read as much as I can about current happenings, but as the new season approaches, I will unplug again.

Internet is a great place, but sometimes there can be too much info.  

Keep up the great work on the site :)


Louis Trapani's picture

Welcome back, Starman_80204. We try to use spoiler warnings here whenever possible so that people are not spoiled... at least those that choose not to be spoiled.

There have even been times when articles were not posted here at all, even with spoiler warnings, because it was just too spoilery (or it might had been considered as such at the time).

Back in the 90's and early 2000's, I used to frequent newsgroups and being a Star Wars fan, I would avoid all SW related newsgroups a year before the film opened so that I would not be spoiled (especially since they were often not moderated, anything could be posted without a warning). So I understand where you are coming from.

Thanks for the comments about the site. I hope you can stick around.


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