Matt's First Season: News and Rumors! (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

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Troy Baker - Posted on 04 January 2010

Already we have seen pictures for location shooting for the new season (series) and have heard some raw audio as well. We have also heard of locations for other shooting. So I'll dedicate this page for new season rumors and news so we can localizes the content. 


And here is my first story under this heading:

Digital Spy reports that Marc Gatiss and Gareth Roberts will return to write stories for the new season. This is given to Digital Spy by Murray Gold (music compser for the show).

Marc Gatiss is best known "The Unquiet Dead" and "The Idiot's Lantern" while Gareth Roberts is known for "The Shakespeare Code" and "The Unicorn and the Wasp" and also co-wrote "Planet of the Dead".

Here is a link to the story:

The new Doc lands in Amy's small Scottish town where Sea Devils are about to invade. Sounds good to me.

The trailer shows what looks like an Auton.

The Zygons have been rumored to return for months now but there's nothing to prove it. I always thought they were one of the most well designed monsters in the original series so I really hope they make an appearance.

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There is also talk of the Silurians being in the season as well. I don't know if you heard that or not!

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Digital Spy reports today that the Silurians are indeed returning to the show. I suspected the return when the pictures of location shoots came out several months ago and now we have some confirmation.

Here is the link to the story:

Silurians to return to 'Doctor Who'


EDIT: There is further confirmation from the Guardian on this story:

David Tennant might be glad he's leaving now ...

Brown lizard monsters to return to Doctor Who


And the SUN has some photos to go with the original story that they put out at this link:

Look Who's back to see the Doctor



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This is a list of a few, very interesting rumors, including the possible titles for all of Series 5. How true are all of these? Who knows, who cares, they certainly are fun to think about.


"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)
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There may be a grain of truth in the rumors in that clip, after all we saw vampires in the trailer for the new season. The question is how many of the other rumors are true?

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My thought exactly ... the plot thickens ...

"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)
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Did not watch the confidental for TEoT ... who was the writer for Matt's first scene? RTD or Stephen? I remember watching an interview with RTD and he said he would not write one word for Matt and that it was totally now Stephen's show to guide and write. So, did Stephen write this and not been given credit for it, or did he "ok" RTD's material?

Just wondering.

"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)
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Sorry I don't know.

With me being in the US I haven't been able to find the comfidential for the episode. Unfortuately there was nothing in the radio commentary about who wrote the lines for Matt Smith.


Perhaps somebody else could help?

The Doctor Who Confidentials for The End of Time, Part 1 and Part 2 are now available via iTunes in the US:

Doctor Who - The David Tennant Specials: Vol. 2 - Doctor Who Confidential: The End of Time, Pt. 1Doctor Who Confidential: Lords and Masters (for Part 1)

Doctor Who - The David Tennant Specials: Vol. 2 - Doctor Who Confidential: The End of Time, Pt. 2Doctor Who Confidential: Alons-y (for Part 2)

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Matt's scene was written by Steven.

Russell pretty much said in the commentary that he wrote Ten's last line "I don't want to go" then more a less wrote underneath in the script "Steven write here"

So that whole scene with Eleven was all down to the Grand Moff

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

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Thank you. Good to know and, most of all, it feels good ... and right.

"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)

Haven't watched the Confidential, but it's good to know that Steven got to write Matt's dialogue.  That made the most sense when you think about it.

The final episode is starting to grow on me a little more (plot holes and periods of disbelief aside), however the opposite can be said about David's final line.  It just doesn't make sense.  He (The Doctor) isn't going anywhere.  I suppose 1 could argue that regenerations aren't fool-proof and there was a slight chance something could go wrong and he'd die permanently, but I don't really buy it.

It's really a shame to have Doc 10 and David and RTD go out on that note (or line)...maybe I just need more time to let that grow on me too...I don't know...but that's a pretty bad line.

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The trailer for the new season has been posted for the new series but I'll post a link for here as well so we can use it for referance.

Here is the link to the clip on YouTube:


There is plenty to examine in there, as well as the rumors on the web.



Thanks Troy,

The trailer has also been on our front page as well here (there's already some comments on it there): 

Video: Doctor Who 2010 Series Promo with Matt Smith as The Doctor


Both the Silurians and Sea Devils in one season. That would make sense. And the Silurians were never destroyed just sealed up by the Brig.

The Weeping Angels are confirmed.

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The Daily Star reports that there will be more romance for the Doctor in the new series. Unfortunately there is very little said outside of this story.


Any way, here is the link to the story in the Daily Star:


Just a minor note: The top picture in the article is reported to be a new publicity still for the new Doctor.



Oh please no! This is Doctor Who, not Mills and Boon. If there is any snogging in the Tardis then I'm switching off.

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The guardian has a story in TV & Radio Blog about the writers for the new season. It includes a list that includes Steven Moffat (obviously), Chris Chibnall, Toby Whithouse, Gareth Roberts, and Mark Gatiss. The surpise was the other two writers for the season, Richard Curtis and Simon Nye - both comedy writers.

For the whole story you can read the blog at:


NOTE: The story focuses on the two comedy writers working on the show.

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Not sure if anyone knows this, but I was at the tavern the other night, talking all things Who and Eleven with a friend of mine, and she brought up this little thing about the possible orgins of Eleven's catchphrase?? Geronimo.

Here's the little story: Lieutenant Colonel Byron Paige of the 11th Airborne Division wrote one of the classic WWII paratrooper songs, Down From Heaven to celebrate the relationship of paratroopers to the Geronimo cry. (The number eleven comes from the number of paratroopers in a plane.)

"Down from Heaven comes ELEVEN
and there's HELL to pay below

Hit the silk and check your canopy
and take a look around
The air is full of troopers
set for battle on the ground

Till we join the stick of ANGELS
killed on Leyte and Luzon

It's a gory road to glory
but we're ready here we go

Is Steven trying to say something about what Eleven will be like, or is this pure coincidence.
You be the judge.  Either way.... interesting.

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

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The cry of "Geronimo" started before World War II. here is a quote from wikipedia (from Geronimo):

The 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment's motto and slogan was named after him. In 1940, the night before their first mass jump, U.S. paratroopers at Fort Benning watched the 1939 film Geronimo, in which the actor playing Geronimo yells his name as he leaps from a high cliff into a river, depicting a real-life escape Geronimo successfully attempted in which he jumped off Medicine Bluff at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, into the Medicine Creek with his Cadillac horse. Private Aubrey Eberhardt announced he would shout the name when he jumped from the airplane to prove he was not scared. The trend has since caught on elsewhere, becoming widely associated with any sort of high jump in popular culture. This unit was the first parachute battalion of the United States Army.


To learn a little more about Geronimo:


NOTE: I know there are better sources out there but I'll use this since this is just general information.

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SPOILERS!!! Be Warned!




Digital Spy reveals in their web site that new companion amy Pond is an employee of a "kissogram" company when they meet. 

For more info here's a link to the story:

 The Sun has a similar story at this link:

 Now we know why that police uniform had such a short skirt.Wink


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Is a kissogram more like an adult singing telegram or is she more like Billie's call girl character? Edgier would be more like the second I would think, but you guys over there name your toilets "Lou" so who's to say. (Kidding)

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Interesting, Amy Pond, mistress of disguise. I like.

I was reading one of the Torchwood books last night "Consequences" and there was a short scene where a uniformed policewomen called 'Amy' handed a phonecall from Torchwood over to DI Swanson.

So I flirted with the idea last night that Amy really was a Police officer, working in Cardiff.

But I've quickly since dropped it, it was silly anyway, the skirt just gave it away. But it entertained me at least.


~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

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Digital spy reports that Bill Nighy will appear in the tenth episode this season. He will play the curator of a Van Gogh exhibition in the story that features Tony Curran as the reknowned artist. This is the story that was filmed in Croatia


For more on the story here is a link to the story on Digital Spy:


For more information on Bill Nighy here is the link to his page at wikipedia:



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The Sun (that bastion of integrity Wink) has reported that Sophie Okonedo will appear in the series of "Doctor Who".

Rumors indicate that she will play Liz Ten which many people have speculated about.


For more on the story here is a link to the story at the Sun:


Sophie Okonedo is best know to "Doctor Who" fans for her role as Alison Cheney in the web-series "Scream of the Shalka"

For more details of her work you find find out at wikipedia at this link:


NOTE: It seems to me that, now that we're getting closer to the start of the series we are getting litle bits of information here and there so we probably due for a glut of information soon. Of course I could be wrong.


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The sun also reports that "Doctor Who" has been seen filming at Stonehenge.

It's Who... and the Stones

Their page also has very grainy pictures of what appears to be Matt Smith and Karen Gillian in the slideshow but the photos are of poor quality.


BTW: I've been checking the BBC's Press Office looking for signs of the first air-date and so far there are none. Currently the schedules being posted go to the end of February, specifically the 26th. I'll keep checking and when we get an official date I'll post it here.

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The Daily Star has posted on it's website that there will be two companions this series instead of one.

We all know about Karen Gillian in her role as Amy Pond, but what we don't know is her boyfriend Rory Williams (played by Arthur Darvill).

For more on the story click here on the Star's website:

Doctor Who to Have Two New Assistants

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Digital Spy reports that the writer of "Coraline", Neil Gaiman, has hinted about writing a story for the second series of the Matt Smith reign.

For details you can find the story here:

Neil Gaiman gives 'Who' writing hint


This story is also being reported on te website for the Guardian and here is the link to the story there:

Neil Gaiman to write Dr Who episode


We'll find out next year!Wink

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I hope the silurians will be more like the version in the Perwee era (as opposed to the the Davison era). The silurians had a better characterization then.

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Digital Spy reports that "EastEnders" actress Nina Wadia will appear in the new series of "Doctor Who". The character she is reported to play is described as an "evil psychiatric medic".

For more details:

Wadia lands role as 'Dr Who' adversary


The Sun also reports this on their website:

here's the link to their story:

Forget Daleks, Doc, You're up against Zainab


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The Sun has released a new publicity shot for the new series of "Doctor Who".

It can be viewed here:

Spin Doctor




EDIT - The following morning:

The picture referred to in the above posting is now available from the BBC's "Doctor Who" website as a wallpaper for your computer. It's on this page on the right hand side under the section marked wallpapers, just click on the image. Here is the link to the wallpaper:

Image: The Elevnth Doctor


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Digital Spy reports that a new trailer for the new series of "Doctor Who" will premire on BBC one on Saturday (the 20th). Here is a link to the story on Digital Spy:

BBC sets new 'Who' trailer premiere date


They also have a link for the publicity still that was released yesterday and a close-up look at one of the images on the photo It name one of the creatures in the stlll. Here is the link:

Oooh, a brand new 'Doctor Who' promo pic!



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Digital spy reports that with the movie "Alice in Wonderland" there will be a 3-D version of the trailer for "Doctor Who". It also reports that the trailer is the same one that is to premire this weeekend (on Saturday) but just converted into a 3-D version.

For more on the story:

3D 'Doctor Who' trailer to screen in cinemas


NOTE: I don't know if this will be done in the US or not.

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Divid Tennant has been nominated by the BPG (British Press Guild) for his portrayal of "Doctor Who" in the category of best actor. Other nominees include Peter Capaldi, David Morrissey, and James Nesbitt.

For the full story:

Doctor Who v Malcolm Tucker in awards face-off


for the complete listing:

Broadcasting Press Guild Awards: nominations in full



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to view click and drag over the area below.

The star has reported today that several baddies are in the series conclusion of Matt Smith's first year. They include Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans. There may be more but they are not mentioned in the article. The Star also reports that the season will end with a cliifhanger.

A line in the story says "A host of old foes will be unleashed in the story called The Pandorica Opens".

A lot to look forward to this year so look out

Here is the link to the story on the Star's website:



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Digital Spy reports the BBC America has set a start date for the New Series of "Doctor Who". The date mentioned is Saturday, April 17th - just a couple of weeks after the UK airing of the show.

This is confirmed by the BBC America website.

The UK airngs are  to begin on Easter (according to the UK trailer).

For the story on Digital Spy:

US premiere date set for 'Doctor Who'


And on the BBC America website:

New Season Premieres Saturday, April 17

Troy Baker's picture

In the BBC's Press office they have now included 'Doctor Who" on their schedule - as an unplaced show. The only thing that is definite is that it is week 14 - still no OFFICIAL confirmation as to when it airs.

We only have three weeks until Easter and the trailer has Easter as the airdate so the 3rd or the 4th are the most likely days.


BBC America has already confirmed an airdate for April 17th.


The article for BBC's Press Office:

BBC Unplaced


BBC America's website:

Doctor Who

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The BBC Press Office has issued a press pack for the new series. In it we have an official list of guest stars , writers, directors, and more.


Here is the link to the story on BBC Press Office:

Doctor Who: introduction, cast and crew


However there is still no OFFICIAL air-date. It still listed as an unplaced show.


On the other hand...

Digital Spy reports that the air-date is "officially" confirmed by show runner Steven Moffat on "BBC Breakfast".


Here is a link to that story:

'Doctor Who' airdate officially confirmed


Before that story came out we already have news of a new series and Christmas special.


Here is a link to THAT story:

'Doctor Who' confirmed for Xmas, sixth series


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Just saw second trailer on Digital Spy.

I, for one, am bed-wettingly excited!

Troy Baker's picture

Is this the trailer you were talking about:

New Doctor Who promo trailer...


or is there a newer one?

I believe there is a newer one, but I haven't seen it yet, nor have I looked for it yet.

Aurelius's picture

Just looked on Youtube and found it--it is short but far, better than the "3d" trailer we got some weeks ago. Enjoy.



"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)

Yep, that is the same one I just found. Thanks.

Yeah, I wish it was more than 30 seconds. Oh well, we will have an hour in 2 weeks!

Hey, guys I'm working with BBC America to promote the new series with Matt Smith and leading up to Saturday's premiere at 9/8c, I wanted to pass on an awesome interview with Steven Moffat, Smith and Karen Gillan about her portrayal of the Doctor's Companion. Great stuff:

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