Daleks invade ABC!

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Aurelius - Posted on 03 January 2010

Was watching the ABC comedy Better Off Ted, the episode entitled "The Great Repression," when to my utter amazement, I saw a Dalek!

In the episode, two scientists have a small cleaning robot that cleans spills around their lab. Their company deems it too expensive and orders it to be decomissioned--destoryed. Horrified, the scientist make their way down to a "sub-basebent" where all the company's robots are sent to be stripped of parts, and leaning against the wall, full in the shot, in all of its glory, is a Dalek! I was wildly surprised and amazed. It's only on screen for about 5 seconds, but it is worth it. Just thought I share.


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I was utterly amazed a few years ago when I saw a Dalek in the movie Looney Tunes: Back in Action (the one that starred Brendan Fraser).  It's awesome when the Whoniverse crosses the pond!

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